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Jessica Simpson: Weight Watchers Scandal

After the pregnancy!!

Hunty Hunty, this is the most interesting Peppermint Tea I have to share. That Jessica Simpson has thrown in the diet towel, and decides its easier to have another baby. If that is not a pure tragedy I dont know what is. Girl get your PHAT AZZ off the sofa and excercise and eat that nasty wweight watchers food.

After struggling to lose 60 pounds, the new mom Jessica Simpson finally reached her goal weight, but she wont be there for long. Just two weeks after she unveiled her slimmed-down body at a event for her clothing line in Tampa, Fl. on Nov 17, Jessica is pregnant again and eating for two. Chile she is going to be big as three elephants this time and she will probably be pregnant for two years, lol.

This news is a big surprise to everyone, not least of all Weight Watchers which signed a $4million contract wih Jessica that requires she shed the baby weight, Clearly a second pregnancy puts jessica’s slimdown on hold, and she’s okay with that. I know she is cause she wants to eat up the world and just be fat.

I just want to know when is this religious child going to get married? This is going to be baby number 2 without being married. I just cant with some people. I guess Weight Watchers will be suing her next because she is CLEARLY not going to lose that second round of weight from this new baby!

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