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The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5 Episode 18

Well, Well, Well This was a very interesting installment on The real housewives franchise last night. They are giving Porsha more and more scenes and I am loving the way her characters is portrayed throughout the season. They show her as being real spacey and acting like she really don’t have a care in the world. To tell you the truth I kinda like it, she is giving us Black Barbie Valley Girl realness and its fresh. Now I can say that Kordell, Hunnie he is a major piece of work, But world that is Porsha’s problem not yours. She is being submissive that is what a good wife does. Now on to the foolishness that we tune into every sunday.

The show revisited its fake couple last night. Kenya and Walter. To tell you the truth I really want Kenya to grow up and leave some of her personalities at home. Girl you trying to seit and threaten people by telling them that they need to quit inviting Walter to events. Girl get over it, Atlanta is too small for you to be giving out demands. Hell they don’t have to invite him, because he can here about through the Atlanta Grapevine and Bam hunnie he is there. Thats that atlanta social elite , everyone in atlanta is apart of that social elite club.

Kenya “square booty” Moore really out did herself last night.I can really say she is the star of this franchise right now because Nene says she don’t have time to play with you silly Bitches, I am out here working. So Kenya brings her new Boy Toy to peter’s event. Chile Jamal Anderson do not want that foolish Kenya, This I do know! Kenya tried it when she said its ok for Walter to be there atleast she knows if she have a car troubles of a flat tire there is a tow truck driver in the room. Bahaaaaa now Kenya you was saying earlier in the season that he was a very successful business man, now why would you try to down play his job.

Bitches Mad!

Clearly this is really turning into the Kenya and Walter show. Walter seems to not pay Kenya any attention at all through all the events that went on during the show. All why Kenya tries to make people believe that Walter is gay. She always said that he never tried to have any sexual contact with her. Walter says he was just not that into her. Chile now thats the Gag and the TEA BAG!         

Phaedra let it be known that she don’t have time for Kenya’s games and she will just tolerate her so they can just move on, But Phaedra did let it be known that she is done with Kenya, She says because she is Old, Old news. Leave it to Phaedra to make you giggle with that old southern charm.

Cynthia my dear you are all over the place. I feel like you don’t know what or who you want to be. So its like if Nene is not around you are just all over the place. Get it together and quit wearing that side ponytail because you are looking more like a homeless girl than a regal model from the 80’s. I mean really.

Peter is almost as messy as his wife. Why does he keep asking Walter about sex with Kenya? Basically Walter lets Peter know that he likes his women like he like his rims 22,24,26. Now that is what you call funny. He just said that Kenya was too old for him. This is just a PICKLE that whole storyline is just gone too far. I guess this is why Walter is mad they didn’t invite him to be at the reunion.

I could just go on and on about this Kenya and Walter situation But I refuse to keep talking about them. In other housewife news that Kandi Buruss has the Biggest house in the Atlanta Franchise. That house is massive and I am glad she has purchased a new home because that one she was living in was so dated that I thought it was her mothers first home purchase and she gave it to Kandi to live in. Sidenote did you know Kandi was sueing Kim about Tardy for the Party, its about damn time. Here is the Link to this travesty

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Walter Jackson wants to talk to Andy Cohen

So the word around the campfire is Walter Jackson really wants his extended 15 minutes, y’all. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” semi-boyfriend of Kenya Moore is begging Bravo’s exec Andy Cohen to let him give the real deal about him and Kenya.

After going on V103’s radio station a while back dishing on his for-the-cameras relationship with “RHOA” star Kenya Moore, Walter’s not done yet. He’s been spotted with women on dates and such a few times, so he quickly got the wrap of being a player. Maybe this is what’s prompting him to come out about his fake relationship.

Now, Walter’s taking it a step further by asking Andy Cohen…on Twitter…of he could go on his show (“Watch What Happens Live”) to dish some dirt. He tweeted:

Hi @BravoAndy, I am willing to come on your show and prove that we hadn’t seen or talked to each other until the show started taping.Why are we not surprised?

Meanwhile, Walter hit up Atlanta’s Metro Fuxon (pictured above) on Saturday and snapped pics with (and likely tried to get at) every woman in the place.

Chile so all I can say is that Ms. Walter had a little bit more Peppermint Tea to spill. Well all I can say is Andy let him come on with Nene, cause we all know she is going to keep it real about that fake relationship.
Here are the recording from that morning!;postID=8483504681939438870

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta : Season 5 Episode 11

Well chile tonight was the battle of the donkey booty and the square booty! The night started off in a good way, showing Nene and Gregg settling down in LA. I am not by myself I think we all love to see her happy!

Kenya is crazier than a bedbug! So he yellow headed aunt and her nappy headed cousin comes over and the whole conversation is about Walter! Hell that cousin said that Walter tried to talk to her, I bet she talked to him because that CHE is not a cute Georgia Peach! What?
Phaedra and Apollo have a meeting with Kenya to discuss the Donkey Booty Video. Kenya right off the backs says that she have secured distribution deal with Phaedra’s name alone. Now you already know that does not sit well with the southern belle. Phaedra was like Bish I didn’t ask you to do a darn thing, But chile you know thats how that Kendra, oops I mean Kenya does. She is paper chasing right now she need something going down in that so called production company! Then she has the nerve to say that the budget for the video production would be $100,000, ummm Hell what is she producing a mini -series. Kenya girl please find you a mental doctor cause you need some medication!

That Phaedra calls her Lawyer cause she does not do dealing with a crook. Phaedra’s Attorney let her know that he thought that the budget was too much and they didn’t need to have all this for a production of the video. Kenya and her so called producer and they are fussing about the money. Kenya hollers she needs fifty percent, chile all I could do was laugh at Phaedra cause she just had to clutch her pearls. Kenya had clearly took her back with that statement. To bring a long story short Kenya just want all this money for not doing anything. Then Phaedra lets Kenya know that she consulted with Todd about maybe using his production company. When she did that, it hit a nerve with Kenya and of course she TWIRLED on out the office! 
Kandi throws a surprise party for Todd and invites everyone. I love the way that Kandi is happy this season. That Kenya is still upset about the Donkey Booty Video, She approaches Todd to ask him and Kandi shut her all the way down. Chile that Ms Kenya was like I am about over all these chicks.
Cynthia is getting the READ award this season. Because this modeling chick has came all the way out her shell, I bet Wendy Williams want to have her on the morning show now. She has all the personality like we all like to see. So they all meet at the Bailey Agency for casting for the Donkey Booty Video. In comes Kenya and she immediately  tries to throw Phaedra under the bus to get Cynthia on her side. I just want to know who is that fruitloop that is running with Kenya that she is saying that he is her producer, Honey chile I don’t believe it! Kenya lets Cynthia know that Phaedra don’t want to pay her. Cynthia in returns letting Kenya know that Phaedra tweeted about the casting and Cynthia didn’t approve. Phaedra comes in and they let Phaedra have it and Cynthia lets Phaedra know that the casting was cancelled and she let her know that she will be getting a casting fee for having this at her place of business. That foolish Phaedra going to say that Kenya is hoping, wishing and wanting to have a deal. Hunnie you can pick me off the floor because I think I just Died! Phaedra girl you give us a good ole country read every time!  Kenya gets upset at Phaedra and storms out as usual, this is what she says “bye Ladies, Gentlemen, Girls and Queens” Kenya is a hott mess she called that Carlton, Cynthia’s Assistant a Queen. I died on contact with that!
All I have to say is I am convinced that Kenya is a fool and we need to keep her on the show because we need her foolishness! We didn’t see much from Porsha, but we know she is still around cause Kenya still does not like her.
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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 9


Well I have tried and tried to pull something out of this weeks The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. I can’t even give you some hot tea today all I can give you is some cold ice tea. This weeks episode was so umm you know blah! The girls are still bickering about Anguilla and how Kenya’s relationship is so fake. We’ll we all know that relationship is as Plastic as her acting career! 

Is it me or they have mad Cynthia and Peter have became the go to couple, to try to mentor all the other couple on the show. Chile thats a mess because for one they just got married and they were having problems even making it to the alter. Hunnie I wouldn’t take any advice from them because their marriage is not all that stable! I mean really, Everyone knows I am telling the truth.
So that crazy Kenya really got the picture last night when Walter told her that she was moving too fast and it was going to take some time before marriage would come to play. Why is it that Walter is always wiping sweat like he really don’t want  to fool with that crazy azz Kenya! If you really want my opinion they need admit her into a mental asylum and throw away the key! 
Just to tell you the truth the whole episode was so dry they should have just called this The Real HouseHusbands of Atlanta, Because the men story lines were better than those bickering ladies tonight!  
One more thing before I just throw in the towel on this weeks episode. That strip club that Cynthia, Peter, Phaedra and Apollo went to must have been the first strip club in Atlanta and those strippers had to be the original strippers from that club! All those belly rolls and sagging breast almost sent me to the morgue!!!!!!
I hope next week be better cause I can’t with these boring ladies.
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 8

First of all Kenya is Gone With the Wind Foolish!

Well I am pulling out my masks because these Atlanta women are not handing nor giving shade tonight. They are Throwing hot Peppermint Tea Shade tonight on the Housewives. I tell you Anguilla will never be the same. Kenya is still fuming that Porsha called her old. She tells the whole story to Walter to let him know how hurt she is and how disrespected that she feels. Walter really don’t care with the faces that he makes when she is talking to him.

Nene Leakes takes her tall self to Kandi’s room to let her know what happened last night, because her and Todd went to bed early.(They must be working on that Baby, or are they using all the BedroomKandi Prototypes!) LOL. They talked about their relationship and how they are so proud of each other. I thought that was a cute move on Nene’s part.

So the group are getting ready to go to the beach, Kenya calls a meeting. All I could think is oh hell its about to go down again (round 2). She tells Porsha she sorry and Porsha tries to get a word in but Ms Kenya is not letting that happen. So you know Porsha gives us a good ole Atlanta read and says she giving us a Pageant Apology with her old Raisin Face! Chile I could have fell out my chair when she said her face looks like a old raisin. Girl that was hilarious. So the meeting goes left, Porsha and Kenya still are not feeling each other at all. Then the fool (Kenya) says its all about the Twirl and the wave. Chile she is just a hot pickle that is about to go sour to the second degree! They are all sitting down getting ready to eat lunch, and you know Kenya is really feeling herself that morning. She starts off with Cynthia I got you a gift for you and its Vanessa Williams Book. Ok is it me or is Kenya really crazy, she fusses with everybody about her crown and what they need to call her. Chile that is her way to argue with everyone in the group. But hunnie that Cynthia said she is not feeling it and she thinks Kenya was trying to READ her in a funny way. Chile Ms Cynthia lets her know she knows history and she was not trying to be funny she was just letting her know she is not a dummy! So the group starts talking about their engagements and that Kenya puckers up her lips like she wants a kiss, That crazy Walter is going to say “that will have to wait” Chile that Walter is a comedian, I fell out laughing at that comment.

When I tell you Nene is definitely at a different place this season and I love it. her and Greg goes horse back riding and Nene with her crazy self talking about, “I have rode some horses in my lifetime, they just didn’t have four legs” Lawd, Lawd, Lawd. Thats the Nene I think everybody loves! Welcome Back Lennethia!

I am going to say it like this, Kenya needs to have Several Seats, because I feel like she don’t have any home training and that whole spill on somebody have to let the young people know what is appropriate. Girl who cares. Chile Cynthia really don’t care about what she is saying at all I see it in Cynthia’s Face. Kenya says its been two months why are we talking about this, Cynthia says hell I didn’t think you would be around this long for me to address this! YASSSS Cynthia for that soft read, I caught it girlie! Then this fool Kenya falls on the ground and starts hollering, can you say make her medicine stronger please!

Now what I won’t speak on is that scene where they are spreading their legs and doing splits. Chile I can’t and I won’t for some of those Bad bodies and war wounds. I thought I was at a hood strip club. Oops i guess I did just speak on them. Ha!

So they all starts to sit down and eat their dinner, That Porsha said she is not worried about Ms Raisin Face at the end of the table. Too funny. Peter gets up, Lawd I didn’t know Peter was in the business of Handing out Shade. I thought that was Greg’s job! But apparently Peter starts to talk about Walter and Kenya’s relationship being fake. Peter tells Walter that the word around the campfire you only have 12 more hours to propose to that foolish azz Kenya! Walter quickly says umm that is not going to happen. Hunnie I wish I could show you how that ole Raisin Face looked when he said that.

After all that Phaedra says I feel sorry for Kenya, cause she is yearning for some love. Everybody knows at this point that the relationship is not real, so crazy (Kenya) decides that its her turn to leave the table. She turns into a actress and starts crying giving Walter the most. Walter let her know that a wedding is not going to happen cause you are pressuring me. Kenya hates that and she storms off to sit in the corner like she is 8. I am going to say this again that Kenya needs some stronger meds and that is all I am going to say about this Crow!

Phaedra goes to see where the crazy patient is, She see this fool and she sitting in a wooded area by herself. Chile bring out the white straight jacket cause she needs it! Phaedra gives her a good southern talk. Kenya says walter is acting crazy, Lawd now I know she a fool. Apollo comes up and steals the show. He says I thought you had ran back to atlanta. All i could do is laugh at this foolishness.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Episode 7…The Brown Girls Take Over Bravo


Children, Children you all need to come in the house and have Several Seats and take a sip of this Very Very Hot Peppermint Tea. Now when I you this was a explosive episode tonight. Chile they gave me all the life I needed to make it until in the morning. I really don’t think the world was ready for this All Brown Girl Cast tonight. Lets just get right into it. They started this episode back when Kenya was asking Phaedra about a threesome. That Phaedra was like look you Bipolar Bish, if you don’t get out my face you are going to end up missing. Ms Kenya knew that Phaedra was not playing and she quickly Skidaddled out of that southern belle’s face. Ms Nene quickly notices that Kenya and Walter’s relationship is fake, Because Nene says she is the Judge Character, so you know her she ask Kenya is this relationship for real, and you know that so call Actress says of course! Lies I say, Just LIES! Now Peter pull all the guys to the side to let them know that he wanted to renew his vows with Cynthia. Greg hollers out and say that he has two viagra he can have. Chile first of all why does greg have them? He will be saying I popped a viagra, I’m sweating! (in my Trinadad James Voice)


Ok now I know I have not popped my eyes out the socket yet but why are they letting Nene hair be filmed looking like that. Gurl they are trying to make it look like your hair is really ate out in the back. Chile you need to check those camera men they are trying you miss girl!

So as the night goes on the group starts talking about having a third shift, which means having sex at night. So that Kandi quickly lets the group know that her and todd has had sex in the jacuzzi. That is all that Phaedra had to hear. Phaedra quickly says she is in love with her vagina and it will not get in that jacuzzi! (falls out on the floor)

Now this is the Gag, Soul goo afro Walter asks Kenya to get up and walk with him, she gets all excited like she is about to get a proposal! Chile that Walter pulled it! He told her about Peter wanting to renew his and Cynthia’s Vows! If I could have been there when he asked her that and it was not the proposal that she was looking for. That face was cracked and it crumbled to the floor. Kenya in return says, s I am going to be a Bridesmaid? Now that was a very Low Read Walter, But you know what I loved it! You get three points for that one!

I just have to say this again Ms Bravo was trying tonight with Nene’s hair, First they showed it almost in its natural state in the back, then they have a clear lady trying to curl her Toupe’, thats was a mess!Finally they let that wind blow and all I see is Track, on Tracks, on Tracks! CHILE BYE! Nene you were suppose to be aware! (lol, chuckles to myself)

Ok back on the beach when the ladies are getting a massage. Nene inquires to Kenya about that fake relationship. That Ms kenya gets smart with Nene, and she gives it right back to Kenya! If Kenya had any sense she would get Nene on her side. Because as this week as played out in Atlanta, this will probably be her first and last season on show. Oh Well! Take your crazy AZZ back to LA!

Peter Pulls off this renewal and Cynthia was very surprised but she liked it! That crazy southern belle Phaedra is going to say that Peter looks like a black angel that is wearing white! Yes Phaedra that was funny! So Nene catches the bouquet and from the look at it that Kenya was running from the Bouquet! I knew that ole crow did not want to get married. As we all know that she was just trying to secure her a spot on this wonderful franchise. I guess this mission was in vain Miss Gurl!

That freaky azz Kandi and Todd having sex in the Jacuzzi! That explains why Kandi’s hips are spreading as wide as Hwy 85 south! I am just saying, my readers deserves to know!

This is the time we Live for!!! So here it goes, Ms Porsha starts reading Kenya about her different Personalities and that Kenya jumps bad and calls her a non Mother-*ucking factor, Lawd why did she even go there. kenya jumps up and calls Porsha a Bish and kept calling her those B words. Hunnie that Ms Porsha was not trying to hear that tonight. Porsha calls Kenya a tramp Ms Detroit, and calls her out on that Fake booty and boobs. Hunnie to tell you the truth I have been saying that Kenya butt is fake I am just glad someone else got to call her out. Kenya hollers out I am a tramp, But you have a tramp stamp on the back of your back! Kenya girl its almost too late for you to talk hunnie! Then Porsha hits us with the Line of the century, she calls Kenya a Curb Azz Bish and that she is a Low Class Whore, Now that was a Marlo move. It was slick and chile it was all I needed to hear. All I have to say is that Porsha went in and let that old Kenya have it tonight. (you did that porsha, you get two snaps in a circle) Kenya goes on and on about she is forty and fabulous, and twirling around. Then she says she is fabulous, gone with the wind fabulous and she twirls like she has not took her meds in 5 months. I knew this chick was a fool and it was proven tonight! That Nene goes Bitch, is it movie night? Gone with the wind! Chile Dead!!

This was a very very interesting episode, But my favorite was at the end. that Porsha and Kenya are just like oil and vinegar! They are never going to mix! I cant wait to see next week.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 – Gone with the Wind Fabulous – Video – Bravo TV Official Site

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Kenya Moore Threatens to sue Blogger

Chile now that Kenya Moore has went too far. She want to sue “The Doll” Funky Dineva for breaking the story about her renting that OLE Empty house that she swear he bought during the show. Ms Kendra, I meant Kenya Square Pants, Hunnie Chile all that is public records and it does not take much for someone to send a copy of a check. Clearly Ms Moore u have plenty of enemies.

So here is the HOT PEPPERMINT TEA for the week, First her pretend boyfriend Walter jackson lets everyone know that she is a fraud on a national radio show (The Frank & Wanda Morning Show), Then she tries to send a letter to Wendy Williams stating that Walter was lying and that we will see the truth play out on the show. Girl all your lies are just crumbling before your real hair! So Wendy Williams call her out and says she is a Liar and she does not believe anything she says! Now this, she is going through a emotional roller coaster and she is about to derail! (HA) This is what she sends to Blogger Funky Dineva,

“As a result of your client,  Quentin Latham,  posting a stolen check of mine online on his website located at :,  He has since redacted the full address from his initial posting online which we have as evidence, he and his accomplices have broken several laws punishable by jail time.
I have spoken to my attorneys and have filed a police report and will be speaking to the DA tomorrow to proceed with Criminal prosecution of Invasion of Privacy, bank fraud and a civil lawsuit. The first two 2 charges mandate jail time if found guilty.

As a result of this breach of my security and criminal theft by conversion, my bank accounts have been compromised and hacked.

My life and my personal security is not a joke and I will prosecute these relentless and ignorant common criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Kenya: I got yo Azz now. Walter: This silly Hoe! #ICANT with her!

Chile that Kenya is out for blood and she does not care who she takes down. This is really going to be a freaking PICKLE. Kenya I hope you are not still staying in that Hotel that you stayed in after you finished filming your lying portion of the show. Girl I wish the best and I pray you find a man that can take you and all your many personalities, Because you have a lot of them floating around. I cant with that girl, I hope she has a new movie or something that can help her get some money or something. My suggestion to her is to marry her a rich old white man. At least he might love her for the remainder of his life.

Here is the link to Funky Dineva Site. Check it out.

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Walter Jackson and Kenya Moore Scandal

Oh Well What the Hell!!!

Hunnie Boo Boo Child, see this is the bull crap I am talking about here. See that Kenya Moore TRIIIIEEEEEDDDDDD It lastnight in my (Tamar Braxton Voice.) I hope you are sitting down in your favorite rocking chair. Because I have some of the Hottest Peppermint Tea in the city of Atlanta. Now I know a while back I told you that something was not right with that soul glo afro Walter. Well After lastnight show I guess he decided it was time to spill all the tea the best way he knew how. Mr Walter called up his buddy Frank Ski at V-103 here in Atlanta to ask to come on the radio to put that crazy Azz Kenya Moore on blast.

Walter came on the show this morning passing out all the Shade on this gloomy December morning. Walter starts to open up about how they were really not in a relationship, and how they only really had three dates in the duration of three months. If you let that Krazy Kenya Moore tell it they were about to get married and settle down and have some babies. I always knew in my heart it was something wrong with that relationship.

Kenya, knew that having Walter was going to be her only chance to get on the The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She knew the stipulations about being casted for this Drama Filled Docu Series! That Crazy Kenya has almost ruined the whole franchise. They sit and talk about how the Atlanta Installment of the franchise was the worst and trashiest one. But you have that Miss America, I meant Miss USA telling lies and making up story lines just to get on the show. Chile I see why that Cynthia had you on the chopping block since day 1. Hunnie the word around the campfire is Ms Kenya begged the producers of the show to let her be apart of the cast. She stated to a source that she needed money and that the housewife franchise could re-boost your acting career. Well I can really see she was brushing up on her acting skills, because her crazy self deserved at least a nomination for a Oscar, I am not saying that she deserved to win but just nominated.

Kenya Squarepants I dare you come to the dirty south and try to fit in where you don’t belong. Hunnie you need to be packing your one room up with the furniture and skidaddle back to the west coast, because your time has definitely EXPIRED!

To get the full details of how her and Walter relationship was, Take a listen to both of the interviews.

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The Shade IS REAL

Walter Interview Part 2


The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5 Episode 5

Well Well Well, last night episode of the Hottest ladies on Reality tv didn’t dissapoint not one bit. Honeychild it looks like the shades are down and the hands are on the trigger tonight for this episode. When I tell you it was hot in Atlanta this summer, those ladies were packing all the heat.

It started off with the Queen of Shade Kim Zolciak. Chile she acts like that dream house of hers was giving her so many problems. Bish just pay your bills and you could still be in your so called dream house. So she goes on to say she would rather live in a box than stay in that house. Well she did grow up in a Fema trailer ( Thats a READ courtsey of Ms. Nene Leakes) So of course she would feel comfort in a box.( HA!) Now on to the slave, I meant sweetie. I don’t care what everyone say , But I hate the way that Kim talks to her slave (sweetie). I hope on her spinoff show, sweetie gets a raise, paycheck for the series and a MULE! Since she is a slave she is suppose to be free, so give her whats owed to her!

All I want to know is what made Kenya and Phaedra go to a gokart racing facility? Chile they know in normal life that would not be the place to meet up and double date. I could have done without that segment, But I guess Bravo had to set this Kenya and Apollo fling up. That soul glo afro of Walters was glistening in the sunlight as they sat and talked on their double date. I just can’t with him and the way he looks. Everybody knows (in my Phaedra’s Voice) that Walter is just there for free advertisement of his business. Because the word around the campfire is he is not interested in Ms America, oops I meant Kenya Ms USA!

Welp I guess I am taking Cynthia’s hair card back, now the first four episodes she was doing a great job with her hair, then low and behold she gives me a ole nasty crunchy its time to get my weave redone kind of bun realness, No No miss girl u need to take that out and try again. I will pass on that look Cynthia, because that is definitely not the business. Hunnie Ms Cynthia must have got a raise from Bravo or that modeling money is definitely making a difference in her life, because she is riding in a shiny new white Land Rover. All I need for Cynthia to do is leave those side ponytails alone, chile those ears are nothing to play with.

Porsha has definitely came on the the scene with her ceiling missing. This child is talking crazy out of  her neck. So Porsha and Kordell goes to the Doctor dressed like couples in the 90’s (Where they do that at?) I guess in Atlanta!! First Porsha says she wanted four kids, but didn’t want five pregnancies all while she was holding up three fingers. (Falls on the floor and flatlines) I cant with this Bish. Also why did the doctor walk in holding up the first generation Apple laptop, Hunnie this is the age of the tablets, Please get with the program lady with her bad skin. One more thing before I skip on down the yellow brick road. If Porsha don’t throw those earrings away with those ornaments on her ear, Those things will downgrade a vintage Chanel Suit. (Throw up)

Ok catch this shade, why was Kandi and Cynthia meeting at the Daiquiri Factory? Chile, out of all the restaurants in atlanta you want to eat at the gayest spot in the city. I guess the other spots were scared the thugs with the leggins, the big purses, and the red bottoms are going to bring down the property value!

WELL to tell you the truth, I looked at this episode for the last fifthteen minutes. I knew that brunch was going to be Everything and a bag of potato skins, So here comes the hot Peppermint Tea. Cynthia arrives first because she is always on time and she is still upset about Phaedra lying to her about the phone call. Then comes in that dang Phaedra looking like a stepford wife Reject with that church lady hat on. She gives Cynthia flowers because she knows she was lying. Then incomes Plain Jane Kandi, Kenya Squarepants, and Blonde Bombshell Nene and the Shade Tree Sisters begin their talk. Guess who shows up late Ms Excuses herself Kim Z-B.
The Brunch starts off with them asking Kim about dates to go out of the country with them. Everyone agrees on the dates, Kim says  I am going on vacation with my husband on that date. So the ladies start having a fit. Chile I guess that wig is too tight on her head because she said she was eight months Pregnant and she has eight more weeks to go before she delivers. (Say what now NURSE) What kind of alien is she having? Chile Kandi and Nene hits the fan, both of them gets furious because that Kim pretty much says I really don’t want to be bothered with you WHORES. Nene goes on to say that she tells tail tales and that she makes up every excuse in the world like my hair is shedding, nails coming a lose so she wont have to be bothered with the ladies. That Nene know how to give me a good laugh!

This was what I needed in my life from the housewives this week. You know Less of that Kenya and more of the Valley girl Porsha. I live to type another day. Thanks Girls!

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Kenya Moore Just can’t get Enough of Throwing Porsha under the bus!

Well Chile that Kenya has done it again! I dont know why she has the HATE card out on poor Porsha Stewart, But she Hates her guts and it is so evident. So Kenya goes on Wendy Williams this morning looking like a freshly cut Daffodil and chile I tell you when she walked out onto that stage all I could see was that square booty. Hunnie its not real and you can’t make me believe it. So instead of calling her Bad Skin Judy, I am going to call her Kenya Square Pants, cause that BOOTAY is Square! One more thing, Who curled her hair? It looks like a tired poodle, it almost look like some Coochie Crack…Umph!

So during the Interview wendy ask her a lot of questions, One being why you flirting so hard with Apollo, Phaedra’s Husband? She in returns with a canter of who says Apollo isn’t flirting with me? Chile u going to make that Phaedra throw some Southern Hospitality on that Square Booty! I have nothing to say because regardless if you are not flirting with him, as he is flirting with you that means you have no respect for a marriage and chile the Peppermint tea on the whole situation you better not marry that Walter (Soul Glo Head) cause he was just spotted out with another lady!

Then Wendy ask her about Porsha being the young 20 something, she blurts she is 31. I already see Kenya just dont like the poor girl. Kenya goes more in depth about Porsha is dumb and she can’t read. Chile I cant with that Kenya. But this phrase that comes out her mouth “Some people work for a living, some people TWERK for a living” Chile she READ without even opening up her Pageant Manuel! LOL.

I will let you all be the judge of the lady that Throws Shade on a winter evening!

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