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Kyle Richards, Housewife or Actress??

Well if being in the Real Housewife Franchise does not work out for Kyle Richards, She can definitely go back to being a hollywood actress like one of her best friends Nene Leakes of the atlanta franchise.
If you are a huge CSI fan, you already seen Kyle make her debut on the episode that aired on Halloween. Needless to say Kyle did a excellent job. I guess once you have it you never lose it. (HA!!)
Also Kyle is joining the Bravo get a new title behind your name craze. Kyle has opened up a new clothing boutique in LA. And among her celebrity friends Nene Leakes (Atlanta) and Lisa Vanderpump (Beverly Hills) attended her grand opening of Kyle by Alene Too.
I am glad she will branch out and open a legitimate business and not just have a book someone writes and she just put her name on it. All I have to say is when season 4 comes around for the ladies we better see this boutique. Because you know these ladies will start a venture and just stop midway. Must I recall (SHE by SHEREE) that was a ultimate fail, Lets hope Kyle is smarter than that!

Kyle Richards Boutique 

Kyle Richards, Nene Leakes, & Laura Govan


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Keyshia Cole Trust & Believe Official Video

Well chile that half singing Keyshia has finally got some voice lessons! When I say she is singing her little heart out on this new song and it actually sound like something with some substance! If you follow Keyshia’s career you will know she only gives good music when her little heart is hurt! i hope Mr. Gibson has not hurt her in any way. All I know is, if there is any truth to that horrible bootleg reality show (Keyshia & Daniel: Family First) there is definitely a problem in that marriage! Needless to say the new song is very much a Keshia Cole banger and the video is EVERYTHING! So check i out and let me know what you think!


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 – A Sudden and Awkward Bump In – Video – Bravo TV Official Site

Chile, well this is some ole nasty peppermint tea! Kim is invited to Nene’s event and she decides to leave before nene get there. Kim is such a PICKLE, She arrives late and leave early. Check out the video clip to see how nene reacts to kim. The real tea is that slave of kim (sweetie) needs to really be put in her place and messing with Linnethia “NENE” Leakes will definitely be the one to put her back on the plantation where she resides!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 – A Sudden and Awkward Bump In – Video – Bravo TV Official Site


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Lark Voorheis…..Mental Health Problems????? or just Unemployed Blues??

Hunnie the peppermint tea is out and the word around the campfire is that Lark Voorheis has a mental problem.
I know everyone is like who? Everybody know her from the hit sitcom in the 90’s Saved by the bell. Well the rumors have surfaced for months now saying the lovely actress has a mental health problem. Her mom says the 38 year old former teen star has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Chile, to tell you the truth i wouldn’t believe it, but one of her cast mates Dustin Diamond told People Magazine that she was different and she was not the same Lark. But in reality she would be, she  was so young then. Hell she is 38 and life has set in. We all know she has not worked a steady job since Saved by the bell. (Poor Chile)
Meanwhile Lark is saying that she is fine and there is nothing wrong with her. You can catch her interview on Entertainment Tonight to get all the Tea she will be spilling.

What a shame……….




Hunnie all I can say is Dang, Life is not fair!

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Iyanla Vanzant to sit and talk to Maia Campbell on "Fix My Fallen Star"

Now this is some real peppermint tea, The outspoken Iyanla Vanzant will be sitting down with trouble actress Maia Campbell on November 17. I already know this is really going to be a heated conversation. I heard a clip of the interview and hunnie that Iyanla is a Hammerhead shark when it comes to getting you together and making you seem smaller than you are.

If you are having trouble remembering who Maia is, she played tiffany on “In the House” with Debbie Allen and LL Cool J. Also if you are a book reader her mother was BeBe Moore-Campbell. Her mother was a award winning Author that passed some years ago. To tell the truth that sent miss maia on a fast downward spiral. She had already had reports circulating that she has bipolar disorder and she really didnt like o take her medicine to kind of stabilize her illness. Also there were some videos that went viral with maia being incoherent a lot. Chile this is going to be a juicy interview, because I know Ms. Vanzant is going to give me life with her tough love. Especially after how the interview was with Evelyn Lozada, I know its going to be good.

If you are not familiar with Iyanla Vanzant she is on the “OWN Network” with shows “Fix My Fallen Star” and “Fix My Life”. This particular show Fix My Fallen Star will focus on celebrities who want to give themselves a better picture of their life and begin working on a better them.

This will be good, I will be glued to the tv come November 17


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

That night has arrived that the world gets to see season five of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. A lot has changed for the girls in this past year, Ms. NeNe Leakes have hit it big in LALA land and she is now a hollywood Actress. Ms Kandi Buruss has found love and it was not in a hopeless place. Kandi has broke in to the country music circuit and have hopes of taking that over with her song writing, also her Bedroom Kandi adult sex toy line has generated her some extra notoriety in the adult toy industry. Sheree Whitfield well her ship has sailed and Chateau Sheree (neva neva land) is coming to a reality, that’s what I have heard around the camp fire, But we will not see this unfold on network television with the girls. Enough about somebody that CLEARLY is a Non-Factor. Kim Zolciak-Bearman, well she is a wife finally and now she belongs in the franchise instead of being a mistress for soo long with Big Poppa. Kim flaunts around acting like she does not have time for the girls. So with that being said we will talk about somebody else that is starting to have a presence. Cynthia Bailey – Thomas may be turning it up a notch this season, because just some of the clips I saw from the super trailer her mouth is quick and slick. I can’t wait to see what she brings this season. Quiet as it’s kept we all know if she does not amp up the anti she will be like Sheree and all the has beens. (Chuckles to myself as I type). Phaedra Parks will be giving us a little more look into her funeral business, and I know her and Kandi will give us some freaky escapades this season. Chile now here is the GAG and the Peppermint TEA this Kenya Moore chick, she really is not that important, she is reminiscing on the fact that she won Miss America, I meant Miss USA but that still dont make her relevant. But that was when Harriett Tubman was living, so who would remember her. I am just saying I mean Really do we care about her bipolar self? NOPE!!! Last but not least Atlanta Princess, Mrs Porsha Stewart, we really don’t too much about her yet. But she is Hosea Williams granddaughter and she gives back to the community. So we are looking forward to see what goodness she brings to cast of these katty ladies! 

This is definitely going to be big season for the girls. I cant wait!


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