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Michelle Williams and Keyshia Cole Twitter Beef Continues

It seems like Michelle Williams do not have beef with that ole Blonde headed Frankie’s Chile Keyshia Cole. Michelle was recently on a radio station and she was asked the infamous question about Keyshia Cole and their twitter beef. This is what the Classy Michelle Williams said,

“I don’t even do Twitter beef…I didn’t tweet that…It didn’t come from my account. I can copy and paste a tweet and make it seem like it came from your account and millions of people are re-tweeting it… I can’t wait to see her [Keyshia Cole] in person so that we can talk and say ‘Hey, what happened?’ I will say this, I was a major fan of hers. This is my first time even saying that. I understood her story, was rooting for her. I have a little sister that’s adopted. My little sister’s mother was a crack addict. My little sister was born with crack cocaine in her system, so when I see someone like Keyshia Cole, who is defying the odds, doing her thing and taking care of her family…She was somebody I was rooting for because I could understand where she was coming. But it’s all good. People make mistakes. I don’t hold that against nobody, I wish everybody the best….I want everybody to win! People make mistakes. People say the wrong things in the heat of the moment. Sometimes you don’t mean it. Maybe she did mean it. I don’t care. I love you.”

You already know that keyshia fired right back with something smart on that there twitter.

This is the Tweets from her Timeline  

See this is the foolishness, I guess she is still acting her shoe size instead of her real Age. 

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Keyshia Cole and Michelle Williams Twitter Shade

Hunnie the claws are out today! It has not even been twenty-four hours and the girls are going wild! I had decided not to give the people my thought of the Michelle Williams and the Keyshia Cole Scandal, But I have been force to speak on the subject. Ok I know I am not the only one wondering why Keyshia had the nerve to even say Michelle’s name in her twitter rant. Honey Boo Boo I don’t think that was a good time to voice that opinion of yours. We all know that sometimes Michelle is a little off with her dance moves but who cares. Also people always have something to say about Michelle’s voice. Well in my opinion she can sing circles around Mrs Keyshia Cole.

I think Keyshia has forgot about this performance of the Star Spangled Banner. Hunnie she murdered this song and it was not in a good way! I am just saying, we all say things  but sometimes things need to stay in your head and not hitting the social media sites for all the backlash to probably kill your halfway dead career. This is just one performance that she should have got took off the web cause that dead rat n the top of her head and that very Basic rendition of this song was just purely Horrible. Keyshia Cole will be getting the honorary PICKLE AWARD! Keyshia we always try to tell you to keep it KAUTE not GHETTO!

I pulled this from

I was also going through this Keyshia’s Twitter feed and Michelle let that poor Pickle have. Go ahead Michelle we didn’t think you had it in you!

I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always fuckN the groove up
2/3/13 8:19 PM

Chile she tried it but we all know who has the last laugh!

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