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Iyanla Vanzant, Fix My Life with Syleena Johnson and Family

Chile Iyanla has returned and determined to help all these people with their problems. She started her new season heading to Atlanta, Ga with a new haircut and a new Malibu to save lives, she said she is ready. Little than she knew this was not going to be easy with the Johnson clan.

First off let me just say Syleena is a good one, because if my mother was in my house doing all that talking trash she would be headed straight to the old folks home, Don’t nobody have time for that.
So the meeting started with a meeting with the whole family, Brenda the mother is a hoot. She needs to be in rehab for drinking, a dentist chair to get those teeth fixed and the shrink to see why she have anger issues. Next on the list is that father SYL, hunnie he needs to sit down because he has one side of those bones in the grave and the other side of those bones trying to get some calcium pills. The family as a whole is really messed up and it all came from the mother and dad getting a divorce and the way that they talked to their three girls.

Syleena is mad at her mother cause she called them all kind of names when she was little. She said that made her have a complex and made her feel like she was bullied as a chile. Syleena if brenda was my mom I probably would have made her head hurt because i would have made her life a living hell.

Now Sylette is mad at her dad cause he called her a slut when she got pregnant when she was 17 and he really had not spoked to her since then. Girl I would have told him to kick rocks and dealt with it.

Iyanla sat down with that grinch of a mother and talked to her to see why she acts the way she does. As she sitting down she found out that Brenda was the first black police commissioner in history in their town. Now my question is how did she go from being that to being a alcoholic and a advid chain smoker? Whose knows chile if she would just open up and quit being so mean she might feel love from her children. Now that SYL on the other hand just don’t know how to love because hell he is almost 80 and from his time the father just needed to provide for his family, he didn’t have time to love them. That sounds crazy but its the truth.

Iyanla made Syleena and Brenda do homework and they were suppose to come up with a verse to a song and syleena was going to make it into a song for them. That ole Brenda came through with her song along with Syleena and they produced a song. You can listen to it Below.

Through it all Iyanla came and did her job hopefully they are on to a healthy and wonderful relationship.

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R&B Divas LA season 1 Episode 3

Bump the Tea, you need a 32oz of Moutain Dew to give life to this oh so boring episode of the R&B Divas. If it wasn’t for Lil Mo and Chante Moore I probably would not tune in to see these boring girls. First of all I must say that Kelly Price and the producers Faith Evans and Nikki Gilbert-Daniels, need to edit the show better than they did last night. Kelly Price asked that messed up nose squeaky talking Michelle’le if she wanted to go to Vegas to see this performing arts academy perform. Michelle’le says yes but then the next scene they are in Vegas, I mean ummm you could have called the other Divas on the phone to see if they could go. Chile Boo they could have let that be seen. So Kelly Price invites them to the play and then she don’t show up and didn’t tell the ladies that she had anther engagement. See this is messiness to the fullest. Now she know that those ladies were not going to hear that, then they had the nerve to ask them to sing. That darn slow Dawn Robinson said she was a professional and she was not going up there to sing and have not had any practice, she said not her nor her messed up weave. Now that crazy ass Lil Mo really needs her own show, she is a drag queen waiting to happen I just love her! Claudette is really going to have to get more interesting, she is very pretty but she is boring boots. I really don’t care what Michelle’le have going on because she might can’t get far with the way she talk, her interview will not be worth listening too, plus she comes off to being a little slow. So that brings me to Dawn, Chile that thing has fell completely off the slow bus. She has a slurring whining voice that i almost don’t want to hear. Tell me why does she want to try to have children I know her eggs are not wanting to be used, hell she is almost 50, I need for her to get a surrogate or adopt. I am not being mean I am just stating the facts, plus she is really too old and that could affect her baby.

So I really don’t know about this show, if they don’t add the drama to it they will not make it to episode 5.

If you missed it last night, here is the full episode.

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