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The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5, Episode 4

Hunnie child, these southern girls are doing the most as usual. See I have to start of by giving you the Peppermint Tea about the lady that is full of excuses, Kim Zolciak-Bierman.

Kim is a absolute LIAR! She lied about her closing on the house and now she is getting evicted for non-payment. That Nene let us know that kim’s credit was not good enough to get approved for that mansion that was her dream home. Yes, thanks Nene fot that Lovely READ! So all of a sudden Kim wants to move out of her dream house since she is getting evicted. Hunnie it cant be a dream one day and now its a nightmare, something in this here cup is not clean. So she goes on that the the house is haunted and she cant stay there anymore, Girl now that is Lies, Flies and Fairy Dust. Word around the campfire is that you were not paying that lady and you got put out. Now she has her granny panties all in a bunch cause she has to move in 48 hours, you already knew when you didn’t pay you were going to have to go so you should have just got those movers there earlier and moved back to that Fema trailer, oops I meant that townhouse of yours! Kim’s storyline this season is really doing the most and like I said I am calling Andy Cohen to give her another eight thirty minute segment to document this move out of the haunted house and into her Fema trailer! I just can’t with her i just truly CAN’T!!

Kandi girl i see your storyline is boring as all get out. I must say it again its just like your hair, BORING girlie, Please step it up. Because her and her mom talking in that living room i definitely cant take it. Both of them talking through their teeth, I almost want to “pluck my eyeballs out and Burst my eardrums and run out the door” because this flat talk is awful. So Ms Kandi wants to open up and throw shots at Kim about she should have kept her mouth closed, because now she has to move out her so called dream house and go back to that town house. Kandi girl are u trying to get the girls together tonight on the sly? I am just asking because that was slick hunty! But if all I am going to see this season is Kim moving out her dream house and you moving into your dream house I will Pass because that crap is and I cant do boring!

Porsha girl you came on giving Miss America or is it Miss USA, chile whatever it is I could care less about that ancient title! lol. I want them to give you more scenes hunnie. They gave us all of you last week now this week I get what one major scene. They did you like they did Miss kandi last week. So I will move on quietly and wait til next week…..

Phaedra, hunnie they are trying to get u this season I see. The party was nice “we don’t plan parties, we coordinate experiences”  But who said Dwight was a party planner? Hell I thought he was a hairstylist. Guess I was wrong, But what I do know is that he needs to get his money back from his plastic surgery because they EFF’d him up! That nose is what u call a hott ass mess! in the words of Nene “wouldnt you want to breathe” lol.

Cynthia is in the business of Reading this season I see. Well ms girl I love it. I love how you called Phaedra out about that message that Nene had on her phone. Girl you are going to have to be more aggressive and you should have said Bish I know what you said and I don’t appreciate it at all. As a matter of fact here is the voicemail so she can’t deny it. Hunnie a good diva would have brought that just so if she denied it you could have let her hear it before u pimp slapped that southern belle. But leave it up to Phaedra and watch her deny it and change the subject. Hunnie you must do better if you are going to be the one trying to give everyone the business, but on the brighter note your hair was cute all through this episode!

Nene comes right on in and hand out the shade and sips on her Peppermint Tea while she talks to Cynthia her puppet. I like how they let you do your interviews and really don’t give you a scene this week. I like how they are giving you the almost high road this season. Its fine because you can give me all I need while you sit in your interview chair! Bloop!

Kenya, first of all I am giving her a new name. Your new name is Bad Skin Judy! Chile that skin is soooooooooo not the business. I could barely take my eyes off that pimple when you were at that dinner with your family. Is it me or is Kenya really trying to bamboozle this man into her spider’s web. Chile I cant with her nor her aunt trying to pressure him. In my opinion walter knew she was getting ready to tape for the show so he is like I will play this dating game. Hunnie we all know that Walter is a Groupie and a opportunist so he is definitely playing his part! Just remember what I say he does not like her!

Overall this show was boring and bravo better get it together wasting a hour of my life for this lame mess! I know there was a lot of he say she say and they need to bring it on with the DRAMA because we want to see it. They bored me sooo bad that I will not do a Hair Factor  because everybody was a BORE!



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