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America’s Next Top Model Guys & Girls Season 20

IMAGE: "America's Next Top Model"

Over the past 19 seasons, the girls of “America’s Next Top Model” have basically done it all — from massive makeover meltdowns to girl-on-girl catfights. So what does creator and star Tyra Banks do when the girls can no longer deliver high ratings? Bring in the boys!

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Men are coming to “America’s Next Top Model.”

For the first time ever, the upcoming season of “Top Model” will feature male models. Eight men and eight women will live together and compete for a national ad campaign with GUESS, a spread in Nylon magazine and a modeling contract with Next Model Management.
“It’s guys and girls,” one female contestant says in the season’s trailer. “What could be more dramatic than that?”
“Girls, you think you run the show but you have no idea what you’re getting yourselves into with the guys,” offers one of the buffed and bronzed male contestants.
Last season, the show underwent some major revamping, including contestants who were all college students, a new judges’ panel and a move to a new night, but the tweaks failed to bring the show back to its glory days of high ratings.
“This cycle will explore the similarities and differences that male and female models face in the pursuit of their careers, bringing on experts and celebrities to mentor and challenge them each week,” the show’s website claims. “There will be more than a little opportunity for rivalry, flirtation and romance.”
Will it be enough to save “Top Model?” We’ll have to wait until the new season premieres on Friday, Aug. 2 to find out.

Here is a clip of the new season.

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The LA Complex Cancelled

“The LA Complex” has been cancelled! Due to what is considered low ratings, the drama series we grew a love hate relationship with Kaldrick Kin only 351,000 viewers for it CTV debut last January. Any critical interest and acclaim the show received was mostly centered around the character of Kal (Andra Fuller), a closeted gay rapper struggling desperately to keep his secret. In the season @ finale, Kals father’s death inspired him to come out in a scene inspired by Frank Ocean’s Confessional Blog Post. Chile now that is a straight up Pickle. No word if The CW plans to continue with a third season.

This makes another good show being cancelled due to low ratings. I think if you have not seen it you need to try to watch it to see what you are missing.

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