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Reality Show Alert: Sunshine Anderson & Angie Stone added to R & B Divas

Hunnie child the word around the campfire is they have got rid of that Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert. Well they say that TV One fired Nicci, But Faith decided to exit stage left! So its like this Faith Evans tells these girls thanks but I have to go, I am not about this reality life with you has been ladies. Truth be told hunnie, That ole crow didnt have to appear on the show. Hell we barely saw her, But we did see her on the cover of that R&B Divas CD. Now Hunnie that is some shade under the big tree on a hot sunny day.

So this is some Peppermint Tea on that loud mouth Nicci Gilbert, TV One really didn’t like her attitude as it played out through the show. They said you know what Nicci girl go kick rocks bak to the rock you been hiding under. YOU ARE FIRED!!!!

The new ladies, I really don’t know about them either. Chile I know that Angie Stone attitude stinks like a rotten egg, But we all know its needed for ratings, Oh I get it TV One! I wonder if Sunshine Anderson going to sing or will she be doing Hair.(HA!) I can’t with her one hit wonder self. So how is a one hit wonder a Diva? Chile i would have rather them added Ciara to that cast. Atleast she has a catalogue of music. But hell all the rest of them are almost one hit wonders so I guess its appropriate. If Sunshine will be on this show crying about her wrong deal and how the music industry did her, I dont want to hear it. “Heard It All Before” girl you know the rest of it.

This should be good, I guess Keke will be up to her old antics and now Syleena Johnson can really be the boss, see thats whats she wants to be anyway.

Who will be watching? I will think about it. (lol)



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