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Really Scrappy, a Nose Ring!!!!!!!!

Chile Bye is all I have to say. They talkin’ bout haters are going to hate on his new look. Haters to the left! Lil Scrappy has some new bling and he’s not afraid to show it. That’s right, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s most notorious romancer just inserted a tiny stud into his nose, and now he’s reppin’ it shame-free.Well Scrappy is one piercing away from being a Submerged Fruit Loop. Because this nose ring has sent him to the Sassy Boys of Atlanta Cast. HAAAAAAAA!
The tattooed rapper gave a little teaser yesterday on Instagram when he posted a picture at the dentist saying, “Finna get my teeth cleaned an then I have a surprise for the world some gne like it some gne hate it but shiiit they b hatin anyway.”
Sigh, he truly is a poet.
We’re not sure where the inspiration for the nose ring came from, but maybe his dental hygienist is to blame. Whoever’s the cause, Scraps is happy for his new facial piercing and proudly posted a picture of it on Instagram saying, “Man I’m cray rite now I just got the nose ring #hatestarts.”

Credit: Instagram

Well, maybe we’re being haters, but that stud looks like something a trendy middle school girl would wear. Could this be Scrappy Doo’s attempt at showing off his feminine side? Maybe his latest lady, Basketball Wives star Bambi, has brought out the new Scrappy. She is his boo, after all.
And Bambi took to Instagram to express just how much she loves her boy’s new bling.
“I love your face so much boo … #WeFine gon head and hate … It makes him love on me more,” she posted along with a picture of the couple wrapped up in a tight embrace.
That’s love (and hip hop) for ya!
What do you think of Lil Scrappy’s nose ring? 

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Lawd let the gates open and the HOTTEST TEA ever to be spilled on The Gag and The Tea. I hope you all are ready for this. It just seem like Atlanta is the hot spot for shows and those Atlantans are not afraid to let it all hang out. I have looked at the teaser and all I can say is I almost can’t wait to see it. I know they are shopping this show to networks and if the networks are smart they will pick it up. I can see VH1 or TVone picking this up. We will see until then meet the cast and look at this sizzle you will leave with your mouth dangling OPEN.

Meet The Cast :

is the Poet, Songwriter, Palywright, Hiv/Aids Activist, Visual Artist

Juggles Work, Fatherhood, and relationship

Kali Mysteek:
A up and coming fashion wardrobe stylist, who’s trying to make a name for himself in atlanta, while navigating thru the dating scene.

A struggling entrepreneur who often makes the wrong choices in friends, relationships, and life. Hoping to get it right he’s making some changes.

Has a bigger than life personality but is trying to find balance and happiness while transitioning into a woman.

Is a personal fashion specialist. Sophisticated and petite, he takes pride in being skinny and having an amazing style. Founder & CEO of CHLOE RICH SHOES.


Is a Vocalist, Vocal producer, dancer/choreographer, vocal and stage coach, songwriter, actor, image consultant,artist developer, but outside of all that he’s a perfectionist, friend, lover and confidant.

Handsome witty and exciting combined with a passion to work hard and play harder. Cory is a burst of great energy. Due to a scorned past, his nonchalant approach to relationships are fostered with an inner desire to give love.

He is a college student who loves to travel. I guess this means he is not working on no ones job.

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