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Is Jermaine Dupri running out of money?

Sit down and have a little sip of this Peppermint Tea to help you get ready for work. Jermaine Dupri just lost a nasty $79,000 battle over a badass Lamborghini he hasn’t driven in two years. Dupri was hit with a big, fat lawsuit back in 2011 … after a financial company claimed the legendary hip hop producer blew off payments on his $330,000 Lambo Murcielago.

The company — Premier Financial Services — demanded Dupri pay for the balance on the car, $79,095, which was repo’d in 2011 … and according to court docs filed in Georgia, a judge has granted its wish. The docs, filed on June 18, show Dupri never responded to the lawsuit — so a judge entered a default judgment against him, ordering JD to pay up. It’s just another financial blow to Dupri, who’s already been accused of stiffing Uncle Sam to the time of $800,000 in unpaid federal taxes. Dang I know he wishes he still had Janet Jackson on his side for some financial help.

Suddenly $80k seems like chump change. So really what happen to all his money. Clearly he didn’t spend it to get Hair Implants and he didn’t pay to get that tattoo removed of Janet. I guess him and Lauryn Hill will be best friends in jail because the IRS don’t play about their money!

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