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Allen Iverson, Atlanta Mansion Forclosed!

Hunnie this has got to stop happening, I just ran across this hot Peppermint Tea, I have to let my good judies know! That Allen Iverson is about to lose his massive atlanta mansion, Lawd now how in the world could this happen. This is a little facts about this sad situation. He purchased the home back in 2010 for a wopping 4.5 million, but he has defaulted on his loan an the bank is about to foreclose. This house will be auctioned off on Dec 4 along with everything in it. Well he still have a couple of days to save his mansion,but chile do he have money to keep up a house of that maltitude , I DONT THINK SO, I guess he will have to go stay on Buford Hwy with all the low income people in atlanta! (HA!)

I do know he is going through a nasty divorce with his estranged wife and dealing with money problems, also including a debt of $859,000 to Ayden & Company Jewelers. How in the world could this happen. How you have money problems and still manage to get a jewelry bill of almost a million dollars. This only happens to the rich and famous, cause hunnie a regular person couldn’t even get a credit of 200.00 in this recession, I am just saying!

I just have two questions, How u make over 200 million dollars in your NBA career and dont have anything to show for it, I just don’t understand. Secondly that is not including the 50 million dollar lifetime endorsement with REEBOK, So um how is he broke?  These athletes are going to learn that they have to save some money and quit acting like they will never go broke. They need to buy them a little house and a toyota prius and call it a day.

This is just a shame, Allen Iverson name goes on the list with all the other athletes that make a whole lot of money and go broke. Such a SHAME!!!

Pictures of Allen Iverson Mansion

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