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Kim Kimble: LA Hair is back with Season 2

Welp, it looks like Kim Kimble is back with her show and her crazy salon staff. Hunnie if you think that last season was off the chain, just wait until June 6 its going to be a must see. From ehat I hav heard there is really going to be some more crazy things going on. Kim opens up her new salon and the drama starts to unfold . Here is a sneak peak of season 2

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TLC’s "Best Funeral Ever"

Just when you think you have seen it all. Reality TV has finally gone six feet under.
A Foolish new TLC special, “Best Funerals Ever” follows a funeral home that turns typically somber events into wild spectacles.“A funeral is something that most people perceive as sad and time of mourning and these guys flip that notion it on its head,” executive producer Mike Kane told the Daily News.“These guys” would be the funeral directors at Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home who are know for their bizarre and eleborate final send offs. I wonder if they spoke with Pahedra Parks from “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” before they did this show. I would rather get a funeral from her because I know it would be very tasteful, Because this mess was a PICKLE!

Among the most memorable memorials the show digs up are a doo-wop singer known for a rib sauce jingle who is buried in a man-sized meat smoker at a barbeque-themed funeral and a guy described as a “disco-dancing machine” is sent off with a foot-tapping ceremony complete with a smoke machine.
“If they want to dunk a basketball, GGFH can make them happen, If they want to jump out of an airplane GGFH can make that happen,” Golden Gate CEO John Beckwith Jr., who prefers to use the term “home-going” to “funeral,” says in a promo clip for the show.

You know as I sit and just thing back from the show, its really a disgrace and this is what people need to be trying to get off TV. A funeral should not be this way! Hunnie when I die and my family send me to a place like this I would Haunt them until they die.

Where is the petition, so my name can be first on the list to get this cancelled!

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