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Kim Kimble: LA Hair is back with Season 2

Welp, it looks like Kim Kimble is back with her show and her crazy salon staff. Hunnie if you think that last season was off the chain, just wait until June 6 its going to be a must see. From ehat I hav heard there is really going to be some more crazy things going on. Kim opens up her new salon and the drama starts to unfold . Here is a sneak peak of season 2

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Married to Medicine on Bravo

Now this show is about to be a big huge PICKLE. Why is it just cause you have money you have to only deal with the social elite, more like the bottom of the barrels cause these ladies DO THE MOST or should I say THE LEAST! 

Toya Bush-Harris: Bush-Harris met her husband, emergency medicine physician Eugene Harris, during a speed dating event five years ago while pursuing her master’s in education from the University of Phoenix and working two jobs. Bush-Harris is helping to launch her husband’s medical concierge business, working on publishing a children’s nursery book series and volunteers at her church and as a mentor to local young women. The couple to two young boys also are in the process of building a home.                                                                                                                            

Mariah Huq: Dubbed “Queen Bee” and a mother of two, Huq is married to Dr. Aydin Huq, an emergency physician and native of Bangladesh, and openly embraces her husband’s culture by attending Mosque, learning to cook traditional Indian food and studying Bengali. The founder/CEO of Mariah Media Group, troop leader of her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop and a producer of Married to Medicine, Huq, along with her family, has a foundation in Bangladesh and is currently working to build a hospital in name of her late father-in-law.

Quad Lunceford-Webb: Known as the “Black Barbie” in her social circle, Lunceford-Webb is newly wed to psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Lunceford, whose reserved demeanor often clashes with her unpredictable feistiness. The couple, who have two dogs, support the Canine Assistants Foundation and volunteer their time and efforts with various charities and organizations throughout Atlanta.

Dr. Jacqueline Walters: Doctor to stars like Toni Braxton, T.I. and Usher, this Board-certified OBGYN is also a two-time breast cancer survivor and advocate for breast cancer awareness. She also lives by the motto “Thin Is In” and is obsessed with eating healthy and excessive exercise.

Kari Wells: The British-born model has been married to Colombian-raised orthopedic surgeon Duncan Wells for 10 years. Wells has been the owner of a production company and CFO of her husband’s orthopedic practice and medical realty company. The couple to two kids support many charitable organizations including Doctors Without Borders and Thriving Children Atlanta.

Dr. Simone Whitmore: The independent OBGYN, who has her own practice since 2004, has been married to her more laid-back husband, Cecil Whitmore, for 16 years, and they have sons together. Known as “The Warden” and “Witchmore” to her staff, Whitmore in her spare time participates in a mentor program with Spelman College and a local high school.
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Here is more background of the ladies

Here is the link to the sneak peak of the show

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Fashion Queens

Hunnie I just don’t know what to say about this train wreck of a show. I don’t know what I expected but what I saw i was not really interested in hearing nor seeing what I did see! Bevy Smith I love you girlie, But this is not the show for you. You are very funny and all but I kinda think you might need a little media training. Let me just say this, when you go on tv I am sure the producer should have told you to spit out the chewing gum. Now this is what you call classless. Also is it just me or did she look like she was about to really pop out of that too tight outfit she had on. I guess Derek J did her hair cause it was TRAGIC!

Now on to the more horrible news around the two Atlanta Queens that was on this dreadful show. Why oh Why did Derek J look like a oversized mint julip. Hunnie I just can’t with all that blubber sitting in that chair. So these streets here in atlanta are whistling and they told me that the ladies are not lining up to sit in Derek’s chair. Chile if he is giving me all he got with Kandi’s hair I will surely pass on him. All I need for Derek to do to clean up his look is to quit spray painting his hair on and be a man and just get a bald head or be a ladyman like Miss Lawrence and wear a messed up head piece. Chile it won’t hurt to buy your clothes atleast a one size larger so you won’t looked like a stuffed olive.

I have saved the BEST tragedy for the last. Honey BooBoo chile its alive. What in the hell is that on Miss Lawrence’s head. It must be roadkill and i hate every piece of it. I wish someone will tell  miss lawrence that that Bight red old lady lipstick is not the move. That old outfit needs to be on the worst dress list and it should not have made it to the tv where he is talking about fashion. As I remember looking at the little teaser for the show, He says no ugly people allowed. Well hell they didn’t pay attention to none of the rules, because all those Birds are not easy on the eyes.

If this is going to be a regular show I will Pass and stick to looking at Joan Rivers, atleast she is dressed appropriate and she looks like she is polished and not looking like I am just walking around the city and looking REGULAR! I just have one question, What was Andy Cohen thinking when he gave this the Ok. I mean really Andy!

If you want to see the show Teaser, here it is

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Basketball Wives: Miami Season 5

Well Royce, Jennefer, Keisha is out!

So the Chai Tea for today is Royce Reed, Jennefer Williams, and Keisha Nichols are out! So you are probably thinking whats going to happen to the show. Well Ms. Shaunie Oneal has things up her sleeve with Shed Media and VH1.
So as I gather my sources together and I have just learned that the new season is underway. The ladies starting taping today. Apparently VH1 and Shed Media thought about it and decided not to get rid of Evelyn Lozado. She tweeted today stating that this was the first day, She and Shaunie was out to a Christian Event. She said 1 down and 3 months to go like she is scared to see what the outcome will be. well Evelyn all I have to say is that you better remember what Iyanla Vanzant have told you. Because hunnie you will not recieve a fifth chance.(chuckles) I knew Shaunie was not going to let the show go on without her bestie being apart of it. They probably low key sent Evelyn to see Iyanla Vanzant for counseling so she would be able to tape. It make a lot of sense like a drug rehab. Umph, things they do for ratings on a show!

So Evelyn and Shaunie out at a christian event together. Could this be the new angle of the show since they are changing the outline of the show? If so, this will definitely be the last season. Hunnie you know the people wants to see drama.

Here is the Peppermint Tea that is warming on the campfire. There is a new wife already added to the cast and they have been seen taping around the city! Her name is Tasha Marbury, wife of Stephon Marbury, Ex-NBA player. Since he is now playing for china, I guess he gave her permission to get a job and this is what she came up with. Originally she was suppose to be on the first season of the franchise but he advised her that it would be a bad idea. its funny how the tune changes when the money gets low. (Pickle)

Evelyn Lozado, and Tasha Marbury

Since Shed Media and VH1 let Jennefer Williams, Royce Reed, and Keisha Nichols go. They had to go ahead and start the replacement for these girls. Also we still trying to see if they let Kenya Bell go as well. They have not confirmed that yet. Well it looks like 1 down and 2 more to go.

I cant wait to see how this unfold with the new directions and the new additions to the cast. Stay tuned because I will keep you updated.



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