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Mob Wives: Season 3

I hope all of you have your hair glued in securely and definitely Strap on your seat belts, Mob Wives is back for a third time and you know they will probably put someone in a wheel chair or crutches, Because these ole Buzzards go HARD in the paint when they are upset.

Vh1 announced Mob Wives Season 3 will return on Sunday, January 6th with your favorites all returning — plus one! Back for more will be Renee Graziano, Drita D’Avanzo, Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo, Big Ang and Ramona Rizzo. Also joining the fun is Love Majewski, according to Vh1:

Love Majewski

“Viewers will also be introduced to a new cast member, Love Majewski. A hot-tempered “mob moll” with a notorious past, Love is back in town to reconnect with old friends – but quickly finds that jealousy is in the air, as are brand new Staten Island scuffles.”Love was also featured on ID (Investigation Discovery) channel’s “I Married a Mobster”.

Chile after checking out this tricks profile she is really going to be a mess. Vh1 really knows how to make you watch. So how is it that they can fight on Mob Wives and when the fight on BasketBall Wives its a prob. I don’t get it but whom am I and why should they care what I think!

“Season 3 picks up with the women trying to move on in several different ways. In the wake of ex-husband Junior’s betrayal, Renee battles an ongoing secret which proves to be too much for her to handle alone. See that crazy Azz Renee holding secrets, I bet she knew that Junior was going to snitch on her father. Big Ang copes with the fallout from her son’s drug rehabilitation and final sentencing, and Drita learns that her husband Lee is going to be released from jail and is forced to consider her options and the consequences they will have on her life.
Much to Carla’s amazement, things continue to heat up between (her still husband) Joe and his much younger girlfriend. As Karen continues to build her entrepreneurial empire, she learns some startling news about her boyfriend Dave that jeopardizes their long-standing love connection. And with Ramona’s boyfriend Joe still stuck behind bars and awaiting sentencing, Ramona receives an offer she may never be able to refuse. “

Well I hope all of you are ready because January is just around the corner and I am ready to see!

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