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Beyonce, New Animated Movie; "EPIC"

Now I know what I am about to say is going to get the Beyonce stans are going to be all over me. But I am only reporting the truth so all of you need to get over it and “GET OUT YOUR FEELINGS”.

Hunnie this Peppermint Tea on Queen B. being in a animated movie playing Queen Tara. Lawd I am glad its called “EPIC”, because it might be a “EPIC FAIL”. (lol)

  Dont get me wrong it will make money , but the actual acting, chile its going to be a PICKLE and THAT”S THAT! Now this soundtrack will be Amazingly Epic, But again that acting…….Unless she has gotten a real acting coach i just think its going to be awful. Also Pitbull and Steven Tyler have been tapped to voice the upcoming movie.

  I want people to weigh in and tell me what they think about Beyonce and her new role.


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Posted by on November 19, 2012 in Beyonce, Epic, Pitbull, Queen Tara, Steven Tyler


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