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Beyonce: Pepsi Deal

Well hunty that King B is up buzzing and she is not playing with the kids. I hope they are ready because she is going to hit the scene and her ceiling is Definitely going to be missing. Lady B have giving you chicks some time to make a little money and to get some face time. She is back with her long time relationship with PEPSI. The word around the campfire is that her new deal is worth a reported $50 million, yes HUNTY that much she is BEYONCE, Jay Z’s wife and Blu’s Mother. Also with the deal she will get major publicity behind her upcoming new album, live concerts, cool photoshoots, Bey’s whimsical ideas, videos and more, this is going to be dope.

The deal is being described as a “hybrid project with Beyone that will include standard advertising like commercials as well as a multimillion dollar fund to support the singer’s chosen creative projects”
Chile this LADY is going to act  fool with this project. I almost cant wait to see how its going to unfold.

They keep talking about this lady is pregnant. I think not, if she was I know she wouldn’t have inked a deal this big just to get sued because she couldn’t deliver. Beyonce says she is back and she will never leave, so you part time entertainers have SEVERAL SEATS!

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Posted by on December 10, 2012 in Beyonce, Jay Z, Pepsi


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