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Bambi and Scrappy LAWD,LAWD,LAWD

Chile I guess Bambi said EFF the dumb stuff she is going to get her a man and get on her a hit show if that is the last thing she does. They all went out celebrating 2 -Chainz listening party the other night. The word around the campfire is that she and Scrappy is a item. Chile boo i guess he has dumped Erica and Shay and moved on to a Trill Bish. I knew when she popped up on the show as one of those extra girls that she was working on being on the show. I just knew she would be cozy up with no neck Benzino and not Scrappy.

Well you know these Atlanta Skreets are talking and a little bird has whispered something in my ear that Scrappy along with Erica have left the popular franchise. So I guess Scrappy is the one that is getting cozy with Bambi to secure a spot. The other word on the streets are they are casting for some new faces and Traci and Drew is not the ticket. Well I guess we will have to wait and see whats going to be going down with this cast.
I will keep you posted on all the foolishness around in the streets of Atlanta.

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