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Mona Scott-Young Drops the new city for Love & Hip Hop Spinoff

Chile, oh Chile the rumors have been swirling for months and looks like Ms Mona have let the cat out the bag. So pull up a bar stool to sip some good ole Hennessey cause that is what you are going to need drink because its going to be a pickle. Love & Hip Hop expanding to a new city have been flooding the web and with creator Mona Scott Young confirming that she’d been looking at cities such as L.A., Houston, and New Orleans, we’ve been anxiously waiting to hear whether or not she’s come to a decision. Well, it looks like Mona’s finally picked the City of Angels as the newest locale in the franchise.
In a recent interview with Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, the media mogul gabbed:

“We’ve been looking at a few cities. We’ve been to a few of those cities. It’s feeling like we may land in LA. I don’t know if that’s a scoop, I don’t know if I should be saying that, but L.A. feels like the next city,” later adding “It’s feeling like we’ve got some great stories to tell in L.A.”
The media maven didn’t go into detail as to which celebs she may be looking to cast in the L.A. edition of the show, but rumor has it that the spin-off may feature the likes of reality TV vet, singer Ray J  (Grammy Award-winning singer Brandy Norwood’s brother), his “close” friend, Teairra Marí, and Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s on-again-off-again girlfriend! Well I guess Teairra Mari will make a good fit since she was on the New York Installment of the franchise. I am looking forward for this but I just have one question. When does this End!!!

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Toya Wright and Memphitz New Show "Crazy in Love"


Now I have really seen it all. I don’t know who came up with this foolishness, But I am going to pass on what I saw. I really want her to leave the reality show alone because I don’t know if its going to be a good look for the family. I know she wants to have the hit reality show to showcase her business and the life of her husband that is never there. Again I am not interested. But the real GAG is what Network is going to pick this show up? Now I have heard through the grapevine that there is not one network that wants to pick this show up. So look at it and tell me what you think.

Here is the clip,

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How the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Prepare for Reunion

Well it all goes down on TV Monday. VH1 will air the long anticipated reunion of the most watched reality show that is on TV. There has been so many rumors on what went down, did someone get proposed too? Did Joseline and Steevie J really get married. The wait is almost over and here s something that will let you see how the prepare for the reunion.

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Nene talks Wendy Williams Show will never happen again!

NeNe Leakes vows not to return to Wendy Williams’ show

Wendy Williams, NeNe Leakes                            

Welp I really hate to see this happen, But Nene has really fired back at her Ex-BFF. She is mad at what Wendy said. So sit down and pull up a chair and listen to this sweet tea. They’ve had a somewhat strained relationship in the past and while it seemed they’d overcome their differences, Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes are apparently beefin’ again.
The newest drama resulted when Wendy voiced her opinion about something NeNe tweeted last week.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Glee” star posted an observation about the number of celebrities starring in reality TV shows.
“Just saw a list of all the new reality shows that r coming soon! Everybody is a reality star now! WOW! I gotta go,” NeNe wrote.
Well, Wendy—never one to bite her tongue—took issue with NeNe’s remark, questioning whether the “RHOA” breakout star’s ego was getting too big.
“Everybody is a reality star now. In case you’ve noticed, people watch more reality shows than sitcoms,” said Wendy who might have been referring to the fact that NeNe’s NBC show “The New Normal” was cancelled after one season.
“You should have just kept your mouth closed,” said Wendy.
Well, NeNe tweeted that she might just do that by never opening her mouth again on Wendy’s show.
When asked by a Twitter follower about returning to Wendy’s couch, NeNe said she had no interest in doing so again. She responded with, “No.”
It’s not the first time the two women have had friction. In March, NeNe was apparently offended by comments Wendy made about her relationship with Gregg Leakes, a man NeNe’s married twice.
“@WendyWilliams don’t know SHIT about my relationship!” she NeNe tweeted.
As for their recent rift, NeNe said she’s not sure why Wendy decided to criticize her tweet.
When asked what happened between the two,” she wrote: “That’s a good question! I have no idea.”

If you want to see the segment where Wendy Williams is talking about Nene and what she tweeted here is the link
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JAY Z – "Magna Carta Holy Grail" New Music

Jay-Z has been firing at all cylinders with various forms of visual and audio content since announcing his Magna Carta Holy Grail album. Consensus would prefer to hear a song from the project. Instead, King Hov continues to tug at heartstrings with break downs of the concepts behind “Oceans,” featuring Frank Ocean, and “Heaven.”
On the former, Jay spits “I’m anti-Santa Maria. Talking ’bout these stories. Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace. Silken fleeces lay on my Jesus. Oh my God, I hope y’all don’t get seasick.”
The ocean is the focal point of the track’s duality, which Hov explained the irony of saying “on a big yacht, throwing champagne in the water. The thing is this same water is the water that brought us here originally, you know, as slaves.”
“Heaven,” on the other hand, examines the concept of heaven and hell on earth, and the situation that bring those about.
Magna Carta Holy Grail is available July 4 to one million Samsung Galaxy users. Physical copies will be in stores July 8.
Hear Jay-Z explain “Oceans” below. “Heaven” can be found on the next page.

Jay Z explains “Oceans”

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New Music::Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry

All I can say is that Kelly Rowland is killing it in this song. This song is so personal and raw. I know Kelly has really went through it mentally, saying to herself should I write and sing this song. Kelly has really figured out what she need to do to gain respect from people in this industry. They say airing your dirty laundry in public is uncouth, but when your entire life is in the spotlight, they’re bound to see it anyway. On her brand-new single released on Wednesday (May 15), Kelly Rowland unapologetically is putting everything on the clothesline for the entire world to see — even the delicates, from her acknowledged jealousy of Beyoncé to an abusive relationship that still seems to haunt her. I am very proud of her. Go Kelly, It’s your time now KILL IT!

Take a listen and tell me what you think

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New Music: LL Cool J featuring Monica "Closer"

I guess LL Cool J said if Jay Z can still rap I can too. The 45 year old rapper LL Cool J is back with a new album and  a new single featuring the southern songstress Monica. Here is the single I hope you like it.

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