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Beyonce Pretty Hurts COVER Chloe & Halle

Now this is something I have not heard in a long time. These two girls just did a cover of Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts and I really think they both will have a long career in music. Listen to the girls below and tell us what you think.

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Rapper Eve engaged to longtime rich boy toy Maximillion Cooper


Chile this Christmas season has been the reason to get a diamond! Eve said you can marry the help I am getting with the boss! See ladies this is how you do it! Ciara see this is the kind of man you suppose to marry!

This article via
Why not close the year out with another engagement to set it off with a bang….Right!?!  Rapper Eve has been dating her British boo, designer Maximillion Cooper for at least three years now.  This year Santa put in overtime giving out Christmas Carats. According to reports, Mr. Gumball 3000 popped the question to Eve on Christmas Day…sounds all too familiar right!  Hopefully, there’s not a bun in the oven.
Just a little background on Cooper; born inStraffordshire, England, british designer and the nameGumball 3000 came from his international motor rally that he founded.  The British designer has four kids from a previous marriage…Yes four!! But who’s counting?? Anyway…
Eve, a Philadelphia native, of course is known for her days as a dope rapper with her Ruff Ryders crew; starring in movies like ‘The Barber Shop’ and her own spin-off show ‘Eve’.  The rapper has no kids and has never been married.
The photo above was taken of Eve with her family.  Peep the ring on the left hand!! She took this pic from the English countryside and posted it on Instagram for her fans to see, captioned:
Me and my mom and my lil brother Farrod just got to the English country side.  Feel so #blessed to be with my family and sharing my life here.  I pray that you bring 2014 in with people you #love.  And nothing but #good #energy.




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KING BEY SLAYS the ITUNES sales Worldwide

Well the numbers are in and all I can say is Hunnie KING BEY has it all figured out. Beyoncé’s surprise visual album has officially shattered records across the board after selling a whopping 828,773 copies worldwide in just three days. Final US numbers came in at 617,213 copies.
The album is set to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.
What makes the feature even more impressive is that the album as of right now is an iTunes exclusive. Now where has this ever been done. KING BEY has done it and I bet you can’t touch these numbers. She should be over a million copies sold by friday and way over that when she releases the physical CD.
This makes BEYONCÉ the fastest selling album to ever hit iTunes. It’s also become the highest sales debut for a woman since Taylor Swift’s Red sold 1.2 million US copies in November 2012.

See BEY wakes up “FLAWLESS” and they can’t handle it.

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Beyoncé "Mine" featuring Drake :30 Preview

Beyonce is not playing no games at all. This song with Drake is going to be Major. Check out this hair she has going on. I mean what can you say? I mean nothing…..KING BEY has stung and she will leave a scar!

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Beyonce Does it AGAIN!!!1 Releases Silent Album

Chile that Beyonce is a EFF’ING BAD… Just when you thought she was not paying attention to any of her fans, She releases Album on ITUNES..BAM BAM! In a move that would make even Netflix jealous, Beyonce releases her new album, entitled Beyonce on iTunes tonight (December 12).
The album features 14 songs and a video for each of the 14 songs along with three extra ones which include the video for “Grown Woman”, “‘Yonce” and “Credits”. The album features appearances from Frank Ocean, Drake, Jay Z and her daughter Blue Ivy on the song “Blue”.

Now take that!!!!!!!

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Kelly Rowland Speaks Against Date Abuse Video!!!

Kelly Rowland and other celebs are speaking out about Date Abuse. October is Domestic Violence Month and its time to be aware and make a change.

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Tamar Braxton New Single "All The Way Home"

Tamar Braxton is proving to us that she is just not a doo-wop girl. She is letting all the Music Industry have it. Tamar is no doubt a vocalist and I am very glad she is getting her time to shine and show people that she can really sing besides acting crazy. I am very proud of her and her third single off her highly anticipated album, that will be hitting the stores September 3. Will you get your copy?

Listen to her new single “All The Way Home”

Hope you enjoyed.

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Why John Legend is letting it all HANG out?

Now I guess Ms John Legend is gearing up to promote her new album! I mean he is gearing up to promote his new album, umph that was really no shade. I guess this is what he has to do to sell albums these days. Hunnie if it gets that serious you might need to find you a new career. Check out the link below to see what He is up too.

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JAY Z – "Magna Carta Holy Grail" New Music

Jay-Z has been firing at all cylinders with various forms of visual and audio content since announcing his Magna Carta Holy Grail album. Consensus would prefer to hear a song from the project. Instead, King Hov continues to tug at heartstrings with break downs of the concepts behind “Oceans,” featuring Frank Ocean, and “Heaven.”
On the former, Jay spits “I’m anti-Santa Maria. Talking ’bout these stories. Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace. Silken fleeces lay on my Jesus. Oh my God, I hope y’all don’t get seasick.”
The ocean is the focal point of the track’s duality, which Hov explained the irony of saying “on a big yacht, throwing champagne in the water. The thing is this same water is the water that brought us here originally, you know, as slaves.”
“Heaven,” on the other hand, examines the concept of heaven and hell on earth, and the situation that bring those about.
Magna Carta Holy Grail is available July 4 to one million Samsung Galaxy users. Physical copies will be in stores July 8.
Hear Jay-Z explain “Oceans” below. “Heaven” can be found on the next page.

Jay Z explains “Oceans”

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Monica Brown Preggers! Its Confirmed

Well Monica has let the cat out the bag. This clearly have not been a secret. If you follow the songstress you would have noticed that Monica has been sporting more and more tight fitting clothes lately and along with props like scarves, blazers and her just covering up her stomach everytime she poses for the camera. Her longtime fashion stylist Shun Melson for 8 years posted a very pregnant Monica getting ready to perform tonight in Chattanooga,  TN.

Monica is working on her  Seventh studio album and she has gave us some notes on who might appear on the album. Miguel, Future, and Ciara to just name a few, I can’t wait to see how Monica uses that lovely voice to give us True R&B Music. 

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