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Big Rich Atlanta Season 1 Whatever Episode

Ok, let me just get all this out at one time. I have tried numerous times to look at this Big Rich Atlanta. This bootleg show is just straight don’t need to come on anymore. This Harvin and Meyer is a straight up version of clueless. They don’t have a clue on what the world of working is. Their mother really takes care of them and I am really trying to figure out where the mom gets hers money. The mother had the nerve to cut their credit card off so they couldn’t pay for their drinks. This is just a pickle in the making. I am not even touching on this broke down Khadijah and her mother and her twin sister. Can someone please tell me why they have the most horrible weave ever. Sabrina and Sharlinda have ten bundles of hair on their head and that Khadijah just have one pack, I mean she has see thru weave, Hell I see high school girls with better weave than she got, but she calls her self a socialite. I guess she is a Broke Socialite, HA! So the real Peppermint Tea is they don’t like to pay for things such as services from makeup. I have had my sources tell me a celebrity Makeup Artist have blasted them broke hoes for not paying for services. Leave it u to these want to be celebs to not pay for stuff.

Now this HARLETT ASHLEE, she starts a charity because she provoked this girl Khadijah to pull her hair out. Then she have the nerves to say a black haired girl pulled my hair out and I start a charity. Chile I can’t this is what I can’t deal with. So you know this chick is borderline prejudice. She might have some black people around her and she employs them as her glamquad. But that still don’t mean that she thinks that you are her equal. See this is the foolishness, Oh well. I really don’t think people are really feeling this scripted reality show, I mean its one of the worst and I really hope they get new characters or just scrap it all together.

Now this dancing preacher lawd, Sabrina what is your purpose on this show, cause clearly you are not rich. So Sabrina smacks Katie’s ass
and all the people wants to say its out of allignment and they need to call a lawyer. Ok see I knew it was going down like this. I know this is the south but these are different days sweets. So this makes the second time on this show that the caucasian people call the police because they got what was coming to them by harassing these african american people. I don’t condone violence but I do believe in hitting a Slut if they make me. I know when shows are developed as spinoffs from other franchises, when they bring them to Atlanta its usually they best thing ever. But this is just a pure TRAVESTY!

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New Show Alert: Big Rich Atlanta Cast announced

Ok everyone, this Peppermint Tea is Everything (with a capital E) So this show is a spinoff from Big Rich Texas and its cast have some very impressive cast members, let some critics say watch out Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and The R & B Divas. In My opinion I think it might be good, But I dont think its going to bring the drama that most people like to see.

Sharlinda Parker
Sharlinda and Sabrina

I do know a little background on two of the women, so Sharlinda Parker is married to Q Parker of the group 112 and a celebrity nail tech with her twin sister Sabrina Rowe that have a upscale nail boutique in Buckhead, Ga will be on the cast along with Sharlinda’s daughter. I don’t know how much drama Sharlinda will bring, because thew word around the campfire is she was filming for Real Housewives Of Atlanta and the decided not to use her because she was too boring. So we will definitely see what she is capable of. This will be a nice show to look at. it will be airing on January 20, on the Style Network.

Here is the cast

Sabrina McKenzie
Pastor Sabrina is rich, religious and single. A successful dancer who toured with such singers as Bobby Brown and TLC, Sabrina merged her passions for dance and spirituality to become the Dancing Preacher. Today, she’s a self-made woman juggling an international dance ministry while raising her college-aged daughter, Anandi.
Anandi McKenzie
Sabrina’s daughter Anandi is a college sophomore balancing books, boys and her latest passion, pageants. She’s a self-professed nerd who happens to treat every day like a red carpet appearance, and she isn’t afraid to rely on her mother’s omnipresent Glam Squad to make sure she always looks her best.
Marcia Marchman
Marcia is a well-known interior designer in Atlanta with a reputation for lush design with a traditional Southern feel. Always a trendsetter, Marcia is now working with her daughter, Meagan, to launch Buckhead’s first mobile fashion truck business.
Meagan McBryer
Marcia’s daughter Meagan is a licensed real estate agent whose true passion lies with fashion. Inspired by the success of pop-up boutiques in New York and Paris, Meagan is determined to open Atlanta’s first mobile boutique. She runs in a high-powered, high-glamour social circle and will have no shortage of customers if she and her business partner/mother succeed in launching their joint venture.
Katie Davidson
Katie is a fourth generation Atlantan and proud of it! She is a stay-at-home mom who loves luxury, football and southern traditions. Conservative by nature, Katie may be pushed to venture outside of her comfort zone and beyond the tranquility of the riverfront estate she shares with her husband and two children.
Diana Davidson
Katie’s 17 year-old daughter Diana is a competitive high school cheerleader. She’s athletic and outgoing, and definitely inherited her mother’s taste for the finest things in life. She cruises the Buckhead suburbs in a brand new luxury SUV and is excited about entering her first pageant.
Sharlinda Rowe-Parker
Sharlinda is a self-made woman and co-owner of Tu La 2 Nail salon, which she runs with her twin sister, Brie. Sharlinda is a take-charge woman who likes to show people who’s boss. Outspoken and occasionally over-the-top, she prides herself on being an astute business woman, a supportive sister, a fabulous mother and a glamorous wife. Sharlinda is married to recording artist Q. Parker of the R&B quartet 112.
Brie Rowe
Brie is Sharlinda’s twin sister and co-owner of Tu La 2 Nail salon. She often serves as a close confidant and “second mom” to Sharlinda’s daughter Kahdijiha.
Kahdijiha Rowe
Sharlinda’s daughter, Kahdijiha, is a no-nonsense go-getter and marketing executive. With her glamorous mother and celebrity father, Kahdijiha is a jet-setter in Atlanta’s social scene and ready to take on the world.
Virginia Eaton
Virginia is starting a new life in Atlanta by moving in with her gorgeous daughters, Harvin and Meyer. Independently wealthy and armed with an MBA, Virginia wants to keep an eye on her investment in her daughters’ nascent fashion and jewelry business. Recently single, Virginia is ready to meet someone new.

Harvin Eadon
Harvin, Virginia’s eldest daughter, may look like a blonde princess, but dark secrets of her past give her a surprising emotional depth. She’s channeled her emotions into a clothing and jewelry line called She Blames Me, creating fashion and accessories inspired by women the sisters hate.
Meyer Eadon
Virginia’s youngest daughter, Meyer, is in a world all her own and it’s usually a party. She does as she pleases and never holds her tongue, a trait that has created plenty of frenemies and enemies over the years who can now be sources of inspiration for the clothing and jewelry line she is launching with her sister.

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn 
A former Miss Georgia Teen, Ashlee is one of Atlanta’s most sought-after pageant coaches. A fixture on the Atlanta social scene, Ashlee is a highly-opinionated, old-money heiress who fancies herself a Boss Bitch.
A source told me Cori Davenport, who was Kim Zolciak’s friend seasons one and two of “Real Housewives,” will be part of the show as well.


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