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Fashion Queens

Chile, I just knew those three episodes of Fashion Queens was going to be the last time I see all that flesh on the tv, But clearly I was wrong. this show really worries me in all kind of Fashions. I might can deal with them if they get somebody on the panel that really gives me some fashion information. Because as Loud as it is Said, all three might need to be thrown to the fashion police. Let me break down the fashion roadkill on tonight’s show. Miss Lawrence actually looked really nice tonight. I like when he don’t wear any hair pieces on his bald scalp, I mean hunnie you look a PICKLE. but overall you really looked like SOMETHING, I don’t know what but like I said you looked like something. Jesus take the wheel on this next look. Derek J, why lord just why? He looked like a Ketchup bottle had exploded on his jacket and he was wearing a pair of horse legs for the pants. i really need for him to really buy his clothes maybe a size bigger, so he won’t look so stuffed. Now for the biggest mess of them all Bevy Smith on the other hand, i am asking the Fashion Board to give her a ETERNAL SEAT. Now that blue costume necklace she had on was so not the move, then her back teeth looking like she had a pack of chewing gum in her mouth at all times. Ok, I know its not just me but why is it that some words she pronounces sounds like she is yelling at everybody. Chile I Can’t and I Won’t with her. then she had the nerve to call Derek her little nugget. First of all he is a big nugget just like you. I vote to keep Lawrence and find some better fashion queens. Please and Thank you.

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