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Basketball Wives LA: Tragic Edition

Pull up your chairs and grab your blankets, This Peppermint Tea that I am about to put everyone on is a straight up PICKLE! See i really tried to avoid this show all together, But I slipped up and looked at this weeks episode. Is it me or the whole entire cast is tired and homely looking. So it goes like this and definitely in this ORDER!

Gloria has really been put out as the one that is suppose to bring these girls together and be the Shaunie Oneal of the franchise. Gloria responses and how she plays out in every scene just makes me not wanting to look at her. Hunnie who told you that you were a actress, girl u Tired and need to sit down. The word around the campfire is you should have let Ms. VH1 cameras come ino that wedding so they could have secured you a spot for next season. But since you didn’t CLEARLY i wont miss your story line.

Laura, lawd what can I really say about this chicken. First of all you had no reason talking to either of Jackie’s daughters. If I was jackie I would have popped you in your face. I mean just straight up disrespectful as a mother, how would you feel if someone talked to your children without your permission or knowing that was about to take place. Second on Laura, to me she does not really play a part in the franchise either. I guess she will be exiting stage left with her boring sister. I am over them anyway.

Jackie, What can I say about you other than you too old to be running around acting like a sixteen year old. Girl we going to play a game called “You Too Old For That” 1. Running around with these girls thats old enough to be your daughters and fighting in public places “You Too Old For That”. 2. trying to be everyone friend after they knock u the freak out on national TV “You Too Old For That” 3. Last but not least wearing clothes that are age appropriate “You Too Old For That”. But I can say she brings the crazy and the drama that people like to see, If I had my way I would definitely get rid of her for something younger and fresh.

Brooke, first boo I wish you would but on clothes to fit that messed up plastic surgery body. If you are going to pay somebody to fix that body make sure their credentials are right because that is a messed up body. I know you are proud that you getting covers but boo, that is not going to last for long. Umm you are like forty, I mean its time to get a real job.

Draya, You need to grow up and quit being jealous of brooke. For one atleast your body is semi real. But for you to get mad cause you didn’t get the cover is high school foolery. You need to grow up and handle your business cause if you keep this lame jealous crap up you are going to be just like Gloria and Laura on your way to the ” I am not on reality Tv anymore unemployment line” maybe you need to call Royce and Jennefer to see how that feels. Chile a “Unemployed Fish” (chuckles at myself).

Malaysia, girl first off you have no reason  to be on this retarded low budget reality show, but wait it really fits you and that low budget bod you were sporting on tonights episode. girl who did that bob? Because they really played you boo. Next I need for you to tell the ladies that you are trying to play the peacemaker so they can quit being your friend. That is going to be your exit off the show. I know you want to stay on but until the make a Basketball Wives Atlanta edition we wont need to look at you and those teeth that needs to be shaved down and that busted weave that you are sporting. NO MAM Mrs Pargo! So when you exit that means we wont have to look at that Bambi. first off who names their child Bambi then she hood Bambi at that. I cant with her and her role as your friend on this low budget show. Hell Chrissy and Jim show flows better than this show. so I am going to Pass on you girlie sorry!


Jackie, Hair is busted and she needs to seek out a new stylist and a new brand of weave

Laura, Just wear it straight. Because sometimes u look like a grease monkey

Gloria, If you wear that ponytail with that tired ass Bang again I am going to scream. that look was circa 1992

Draya, girl I am glad you trying color but leave the head pieces along.

Brooke, invest in about 12 more ounces of hair for your installs. It just looks to thin and not believable.

Malaysia, hunnie that bod and that color was TIRED bootz. That look was soooo not the move. You looked like you stepped back into time like Twenty Years Ago! So not the move.

Bambi, I just need for you to just get your hair done and quit doing it yourself. Thats what hairstylist are for, I mean really. You didn’t think the cameras you were in front of was taping you? Couldn’t have.



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