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Rapper Eve engaged to longtime rich boy toy Maximillion Cooper


Chile this Christmas season has been the reason to get a diamond! Eve said you can marry the help I am getting with the boss! See ladies this is how you do it! Ciara see this is the kind of man you suppose to marry!

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Why not close the year out with another engagement to set it off with a bang….Right!?!  Rapper Eve has been dating her British boo, designer Maximillion Cooper for at least three years now.  This year Santa put in overtime giving out Christmas Carats. According to reports, Mr. Gumball 3000 popped the question to Eve on Christmas Day…sounds all too familiar right!  Hopefully, there’s not a bun in the oven.
Just a little background on Cooper; born inStraffordshire, England, british designer and the nameGumball 3000 came from his international motor rally that he founded.  The British designer has four kids from a previous marriage…Yes four!! But who’s counting?? Anyway…
Eve, a Philadelphia native, of course is known for her days as a dope rapper with her Ruff Ryders crew; starring in movies like ‘The Barber Shop’ and her own spin-off show ‘Eve’.  The rapper has no kids and has never been married.
The photo above was taken of Eve with her family.  Peep the ring on the left hand!! She took this pic from the English countryside and posted it on Instagram for her fans to see, captioned:
Me and my mom and my lil brother Farrod just got to the English country side.  Feel so #blessed to be with my family and sharing my life here.  I pray that you bring 2014 in with people you #love.  And nothing but #good #energy.




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Karli Redd and Young Joc Married???????

First I must say that the world must be coming to a end, Because when you are a non- factor and you marry a non- factor that make a married non- factor couple. So the word around these Atlanta Skreetz is Karlie and Young Joc are married. Sit down and read this foolish Tea because it does not make any sense to me why they even together, So Karlie Redd took to instagram to reveal that she and Young Joc may have gotten married . She put a picture of them on jet ski’s referring to him as her husband. The two seem to be very happy together, in which we will see it on season 3 of Love & Hip hop Atlanta.
@karlieredd & my husband @iamyungjoc & @joclive on the jet skis in the bahamas I’m not driving lol

This is the Picture that she puts out on Instagram

Well there you have it. I guess we will see if this is a fake marriage or something forreal. I know Young Joc’s background and chile he is not a saint.
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Raven-Symonè is truly Happy!

Well the cat was definitely let out the bag today! Come on over and have just a little sip of this cold sweet Tea! Multimillionaire  actress Raven-Symonè tweeted something earlier today and boy was it just the icing we needed!

Over the years we have enjoyed her as Olivia on the highly acclaimed “The Cosby Show” and when she went on to have her own shows on nickelodeon “Thats So Raven” and as a “Cheetah Girls”! But there was always something missing from her life that she didn’t expose to us, “A Man”. Today she tweeted that she is so proud of our government and that she can finally get married! Here is her tweet that she sent out earlier today! 

I guess a big ole wedding is in store for her and her mystery lady! 
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Steevie J and Joseline Married? Really?

Stevie J Confirms That He’s Married
So this last stunt on the finale show was just like i said a stunt. The king and queen of Love & Hip Hop ATL foolery are now officially Mr. & Mrs. Despite both of them running around flaunting very visible ring-finger bling over the last month or so, neither Stevie J nor his wild child chica Joseline had actually confirmed that they were indeed married and the season  finale episode left things up in the air. But after almost getting two-pieced for his pimpager shennanigans that saw Mimi, Joseline and Stevie all in one room as he gave both of them “life partner”rings that Mimi ultimately rejected, Stevie took to his Twitter to let the world know the deal:And there you have it….or do you?Between this shady confirmation and Stevie admitting that the twosome is in talks to do a spinoff show, it sounds like this is one train wreck that’s not running off the track any time soon. Do we want them to be married? Also I heard the word around the campfire is that The King and Queen might be getting a spinoff show,The Steebielene Show. I am just playing with the name but would we look at all the foolery they will be putting on tv?
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Love & HipHop Atlanta Star Proposed to Long Time Friend!!

Hunnay, Hunnay these HOT Atlanta Skreets are BLAZING hot today. It looks like Mama Dee is jumping for joy and Erica is somewhere looking foolish and REGULAR as always. So has released the story that Scrappy has dumped Erica and was out with Shay Johnson over the weekend. The couple was spotted at the Uptown Magazine Project 13 Event last night. Erica showed up solo and Scrappy was spotted with his longtime friend and castmate Shay Johnson. Hell if I was Scrappy I would choose Shay Hands Down. Shay is a brickhouse and Erica is a Plain Jane and I just don’t see Scrappy really marrying her. That Erica is about as regular as her mother that is named Mignon, Hell she too old for that type of name, Clearly its not her real name! HA!!!!!

So chile pull up a chair and prepare yourself for this Hot Peppermint Tea. So the word around the campfire is that Scrappy has Proposed to Shay Johnson over the weekend. Lawd jesus take the reality wheel, I guess the ball is not playing out in Erica’s world today. See Erica in the words of Atlanta Housewife Nene Leakes, You will never Win when you dirty Hunnie. Erica how you was disrespecting Mama Dee all this time it has backfired in your face. I know you remember how Shay looked and felt at the reunion last year, Now you will be feeling the same way. Oh well regular Chick I guess you can sit back and get Scrappy’s child support and go be regular.

I wonder if Shay got the ring that Scrappy bought for Erica? Hell he can’t buy another because Erica is getting his show checks for child support. But Mama Dee is making sure that her favorite girl Shay get a nice ring. She will be giving Scrappy a loan and I am sure that it will Trumph Erica’s ring by many Karats. See Erica that is all you had to do was be nice to Mama Dee.


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Nene Leakes will be a Bride Again!

Pics from 

Nene Leakes and Gregg Leakes will be married once again. I think this is a good move for Nene. She is in a happy place right now and that is what she need to go forward with her acting career!  Here are some pictures that she revealed from last night outing and here they are.

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