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Basketball Wives Miami LOCKOUT! TRASH!

Hunnie the word around the campfire is that the Basketball Wives of Miami stars, Shaunie O’neal, Evelyn Lozado, Tammy Roman, Susie Ketcham are demanding more money. So VH1 is now worried about these old crows leaving the network if they don’t give them a raise. For some reason they think they need more money for living their life. Well if they knew what I knew they would take the money and film and call it a day, because THIS will be the last season of them.

So I thought Shaunie O’neal was the boss anyway with shed media, Clearly this Peppermint Tea is she is not the boss if she holding out for more money like she really playing basketball so she in a lockout, BISH please. What you and he rest of your crazy cast mates need to have SEVERAL seats.

Tammy Roman need to take this last season and move it to LA so she can be going on castings since she is a actress and since she has been in some movies lately. Chile she need to make this last season and that money they will give her count for something. Because its hard out here and we all know she dont want to go back to food stamps! Well that shouldn’t happen because she gets $8500 a month for child support, that should help her out between gigs with her acting career. Looks like Tami will make it after all!

Evelyn Lozado is upset because of the contract and the money. We all know that she is mad at VH1 because they didn’t air the Evelyn and Ocho Show. She will get over it because its her fault it didn’t happen anyway. I have heard through some of my sources that it wasn’t Ocho first time hitting here anyway, so she should have just manned up and took it and let that show aired. Evelyn already knows that VH1 is on that non violence kick and they are not hearing with you fake wives of the sports. So I hope she take all that money she have made and open up a DOLCE 2 somewhere else because we know she cant hold a 9-5. (lol)

Tammy and Evelyn promised Vh1 that they will not have a temper this season and Lawd we know that will constitute to BORING and the show will fail anyway, but who cares since it will be the last season. If they dont recieve a contract as early as next week they are suppose walk and leave taping. Keep in mind they just started back filming last week.

Chile these old crows need to get a job and just get over it. They have made enough money off the station.



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