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Preacher Wives

Last night I was minding my own business and I came up on the new docu-series called Preacher Wives. Now I was a little scared to even tune in. Because all these reality shows sometimes i feel takes it too far. So as I looked at the show there was a main character of the wives and her name was Yvette, hunnie she thought she was the cat’s MEOW. She really thought that the other ladies had to do what she said do or else it was not going to happen. Well to tell you the show in a nut shell was very entertaining listening to them talk about if you are a first lady this is how you suppose to act and dress, Chile Cheeseburger. You were acting like a old bitty that use to be a freaking street walker. Well we will see if lifetime will order more episodes of the show.

The new pilot offers a rare glimpse of some of L.A.’s finest first ladies who proudly support there husbands in the pulpit, and bring their gifts, talents and influence to the community to produce a spectacular event for a cause near and dear to their hearts!

The preacher’s wives are Lady Rinnita Thompson (Pastor Xavier L. Thompson) of Southern Missionary Baptist Church of L.A.; Lady Yvette Williams (Pastor C. Dennis Williams) formerly at Brookins AME now of Smith Chapel in Dallas, Texas, Lady Myesha Chaney (Pastor Wayne Chaney) of Antioch Church of Long Beach and Lady In Training, Leslie Young (Elder Jonathan Young-Associate Pastor) of Miracle Temple Church of God Pentecostal with special appearance by Lady Togetta Ulmer (Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer) of Faithful Central Bible Church of Los Angeles.

Will you be tuned in?

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Lindsay Lohen, Troubled Comback

Well chile I guess I need to speak on this crazy lady called Lindsay. That thing is running herself all the way into the ground. I really have tried not to talk about her because everyone else is, But I decided I need to put my little two cents in before she totally goes to the way side. I hate to say it Lindsay but it is time to face the music, which means its Christmas in Jail. I hope that judge puts you in jail for about 6 months I think that will start off  on the right track.

The people are slaying poor Lindsay about this horrible Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick”. Instead of reviving her career, Lindsay’s role as Elizabeth Taylor in the lifetime TV movie Bombed. Critics called her portrayal “spectacularly bad” and a “train wreck.” Lindsay was devastated . Well Lindsay I don’t know what to tell you, But one thing I do know. Going back to your old habits girl is not the peppermint tea and all its going to do is make you all the way broke. I know that disney money you have made previous is gone with all the trouble you have been getting into over the last couple of years.

We hope you get well Lindsay, But we are not going to hold our breath!

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