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Apollo pops Brandon, Kenya’s Assistant "Girl Fight"

The word whistling on these Atlanta streets is that Season 6 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta will feature a massive brawl involving both Phaedra Parks‘s hubby, Apollo Nida, and Kenya Moore‘s assistant, Brandon DeShazer. The details as to how the fight broke out are still fuzzy, but Brandon maintains that he was attacked+TMZ  recently caught up with him to get his take on what happened.
After revealing that he’s yet to speak with either Apollo or Phaedra since the incident — “You would think that at least one of them would call,” he snickered — he gave a detailed account of his many injuries.
“Bones, bruises, and stitches in my cheek… in the inside,” Brandon listed. Dang!
As far as his next move, Brandon’s following some sage advice.
“I’ll do what my Grandma said and pray for them and let my attorney handle the rest,” he told the cameras. Chile the shade is all the way real in HotLanta. Because it is really a pickle that Brandon is walking around trying to push charges against Apollo. That fruit need to sit down and twirl away like his BOSS. Now TWIRL on that Brandonlina.

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Kandi Sues Kim Zolciak-Bearman over "TARDY for the PARTY"

Chile the Tea has been spilt! Both ladies gear up for a full season of their own BRAVO spinoff shows, Kandi Burruss has filed papers on her former “RHOA” castmate Kim Zolciak. Well its about time, and what I am going to need for Kandi to do is not cry when she get in the courtroom. Its funny how a year everything can turn around. I bet Todd made her do it!

According to CourtHouse News, Kandi claims former cast member Kimberliegh Zolciak-Biermann illegally licensed and distributed “Tardy For The Party”, which Kandi wrote with co-plaintiff Rodney Richard. And Kandi filed the lawsuit in Federal Court today. Kandi did this just in time to ensure she will have another spot on the hit reality show. Now we all know Kandi is boring and if she is not fussing with anyone or grinding her teeth as she talk, Hunnie she is a boring apple. So filming went underway yesterday in Atlanta. I know this reunion will definitely be good. I bet Kim really is trying to find a way not to come so she can be like Adrienne from RHOBH. But that will probably end her tv career all together. We all know she need money cause her and her husband Kroy have purchased their dream home on her salary and his “Hope they don’t Trade Him) Salary!  Kim already Tweeted about Kandi:

People will do anything for publicity! So funny yet so sad!

And her daughter Brielle got in on the beef as she tweeted:

@Kandi appreciate you making fun of me for the song I wrote when I was 9 years old… obviously there was something you liked about it

We’re surprised it took Kandi this long to file because we all know she’s about her paper. But since Kim hasn’t had a real job in….a very long time….it’ll be just as interesting to see how she coughs up this money. Especially after popping out 2 more kids since she first did this song. Let Kim tell it she will give all that money to Kandi. But Kim if it didn’t really mean anything you should have just gave Kandi the money that was owed to her. But clearly you just like Kenya, you are in the stealing game cause you stole Kandi’s Babies Name!

Well I can’t wait to see this Reunion, I heard its going to be good.

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RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Gets Sued By Her Own Lawyers!

They looking for you Girl!

Chile we here is some sweet new years Peppermint Tea. That Sheree Whitfield is going to lear she is going to have to pay these people for doing work for her. Looks like she is going to be a couple of thousands short starting out in the new year!

Former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, Sheree Whitfield, might’ve been known for stating, “who gon’ check me, boo?!” and now, it sounds like her lawyers have responded! Reportedly, Sheree owed her lawyers a whopping $165k in legal bills, dating back to 2010, during her divorce from ex hubby, Bob Whitfield!

While Sheree DID pay $69k to the lawfirm Weinstock & Scavo, she refused to hand over the rest of the cash, seeing as she felt she was being overcharged!

Well, it looks like the reality star is paying the price, because not only does she now have to cough up the remaining balance, but she also has to pay interest… which all totals out to $119,674!

Welp it looks like Sheree is going to be n the dog house a little longer. Dang I know she wishes now she was still on the hit Bravo TV series!

Maybe Donald Trump will call her for Celebrity Apprentice so she can get a Trump Check like Nene Leakes.

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