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The Real Housewives of Atlanta : Season 5 Episode 2

Lawd, Lawd,  Lawd its that time. This was the second episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and all I have to say is it was just ok. But hunnie I do have some things to get off my chest about this episode. First that Kim is a hot PICKLE, yes I did say PICKLE! How do you leave a event early and you come late, but thats you kim come late and leave early! Can you say just TACKY! Why does kim act like she has known kroy for at least 5 years. Chile remember you were a mistress a year ago, see I cant with her i just can’t!

 Nene was such a gem this episode i love her roll so far on the show! Nene keeps us with a one liner and she says she loves the gays, they are half men and half women you cant beat that!
Kandi so why is it every time there is some mess you comes up in the middle…. can u say Mesy Jessy!  Girl don’t you let bravo do you in! Also you sure mama joyce approve of todd and his child cause some years back she really didn’t want you with AJ. I am just saying. Now this is some peppermint tea for yall on ms kandi, The word around the campfire is todd is a little FRUIT, Ummmmmmmm i mean you know a lady boy! (falls out laughing at myself) Kandi girl stay neutral girl.
Phaedra sweetpea I am glad you are being such a southern belle and going with the flow. Now you know, Kenya is not the move girl. You are from the classic city and you know that kenya is a hott mess straight out a broken home. She needs my good friend Iyanla Vanzant (Fix my broken past) lol.
Kenya and Cynthia! Ancient models with Slick mouths!
Cynthia is a ball of fire, but what i am going to need for her to do is set Kenya straight because all that disrespectful.  Because when she took the mike and started talking you should have knocked her in that pool! I know you are READING hunnie like a good ole Gay boy but I need you to spice it up little bit more cause that MISS KENYA is TRYYYYYYYYYINGGGGG it a little too much!
 I saved the worst for last. Hunnie this Kendra I meant Kenya Moore is too much for me, First she trying to force this man to marry her and give her children. I dont know what short bus she drove in on, Girl your baby making days are almost done, ummmm girl u OLD as creek water, yes I did say creek water. Also her eggs have dust  in them *inserts the fan blowing dust). Ms girl what I need for you to do is get that crater skin fixed then maybe walter might consider marrying you! Then you want to get mad and walk off cause he dated Kandi, old women Get Your Life before u get any older! Kendra, i meant Kenya did sooooo much tonight to where my fingers are falling off so I will stop.
Kim and her Slave!
*Special Edition*
Sweetie, you know Kim’s slave. She did too much at that party, First of all why was she there? Being a slave is not being a entrepreneur! I mean not in my world it doesn’t register as being successful. So Kim has too much help. Why do she insist on making sweetie find her a house, Then she gets mad at sweetie because she said moves back in to the townhouse. Bish be glad you have somewhere to move back into, Or she can move back into the Nene’s New Normal trailer! now thats the gag of the century! Yessss MISS NENE you READS everytime you get for that wig wearing SHAWTY! 
Next week should be good! The shades will definitely be pulled down I cant wait. 
Pic from STraight from the A!
The Hair Factor
Nene hair again is good I love the Blonde on her!
Cynthia girl your hair game is coming right along, But just add a little sheen on it so it wont look so dry and brittle
Kandi, hunnie I guess you are going to stay rocking your reporter look for Kandi Koated News! #Pass!
Kim, I guess I have to put up with all that mop!
Phaedra girl I dont know what is going on with that gone with the wind hair, but I guess I will take it!
Kenya well again you are a true BASIC Atlanta chick “Welcome to Atlanta” lol 

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