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Kim is back to being a DIME PIECE after the TWINS

It’s been a little over one week since Kim Zolciak gave birth to her newborn twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren, but the proud mother of two already seems to have bounced back into shape. She shared a picture of her slimmed-down look on Twitter. Chile Kim said she don’t have time to be sitting around being fat. She said I have to get back to be able to work.

How slimmed-down is she, exactly? Her daughter Brielle revealed on Twitter that her mother is a size four:
Motherhood, meanwhile, also seems to be going well for Kim. “They are doing awesome,” she said last week. And how is she handling two newborns at once? “[It’s] a lot easier than I thought, so far,” she said. “But don’t speak too soon, right?”

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Kim Zolciak-Bearman confirms she is Preggo with TWINS

Chile now who has let the trash out the trailer park. She is coming up like the jefferson, instead of moving on up to the eastside, she is moving on up to be n the warefare line with all these children. Kroy is not making that much money that he can take care of your two plus four more? I mean really is that what you are thinking. Ha! She is found her a gravy train and she going to keep a eye on her. Kim tweeted earlier to watch ENEW’s because there was going to be a big Anouncement. Welp she is Pregnant with twins, I hope kroy doesn’t go away. Because this child would b really crazy.

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Nene Leakes, sued for $2.5 million by Wedding Planner

      I hope you are ready for this foolishness. The word around the campfire per +TMZ is that Nene Leakes didn’t finish paying her wedding planner for that lovely wedding that she had in June. The woman going after Leakes is Tiffany Cook – who claims NeNe hired Dream Design Weddings to coordinate the party for her marriage to Gregg Leakes on June 22, 2013 … a wedding that will featured on a Bravo TV special in September. In her suit, filed in Georgia, Cook claims Leakes promised to pay her 15% of the entire wedding budget PLUS fees design and execution of the wedding PLUS travel expenses to the event. In total, Cook claims NeNe’s budget for the wedding was $1.8 MILLION!!!!!!!!! And Cook claims she was due $270k (the 15%) PLUS another $889,900 (design fees) PLUS $1,750 (4 coach tickets from Florida to Georgia). Cook claims NeNe did fork over the initial down payment ($18,750) … but she hasn’t seen a penny since — and is suing for the remaining $1,142,900 balance … PLUS damages. In total, Cook — who also put together Kordell Stewart‘s wedding to Porsha – wants more than $2.5 MILLION for her troubles. How’s THAT for a wedding gift??? A rep for NeNe tells TMZ … Cook was NOT the wedding planner, it was a man named Tony Conway, who made Nene’s wedding spectacular. The rep adds, “This lawsuit has no merit and it appears to be a baseless attempt to grab 15 min of fame.”

So Nene wrote on her Faacebook Page to her loyal fans, stating who was her wedding planner.

So there you have it the Queen has spoken!
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Kenya Moore, Finds her a man!

Gather around gather around, the word around the campfire that Kenya Moore has a man and ummm they say he has the money to make her really be a housewife. Through one of my sources that Kenya squarepants have caught her a man with some very long COINS if you know what I mean. So the Season 5 reunion is getting ready to air its second part and I know the ladies are getting ready to gear up to film season 6. Hunnie Ms Kenya said she will not go down to that hot atlanta with all those Fruits to find her a man, she said hell I am going to across the water and get her a man with some money and a little swagg. Watch out Apollo Kenya will not be paying you no attention next season, she will have her a new piece to entertain the masses with.

Ok its time for me to be a little messy for a second. Can someone please tell me why that Plastic Barbie will be coming back to season 6 and she don’t stay in Atlanta? Chile Andy I know there is a lot of messiness in Atlanta that you don’t have to import fool from other places to be on your franchise. Hell I would have loved to see Mariah Huq on the housewives since she was rumored to be on the show during past seasons, we could have used her foolishness on here. But back to Kenya let me just tell you who she have decided to make her new man. He is a singer by the name of Dbanj, this is his government name Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and harmonica player.. Now don’t ask me how to pronounce it because I am not the one to tell you how to spell stuff, Hell Sound it Out, LOL. Hunnie looks like Kenya has hit the jackpot with this rent a man! Well as you can see they make a beautiful couple but I don’t know if that contact wearing spongebob squarepants names Kenya Moore can handle his flirting self. Check out a perfrmance in Texas and just watch how Kenya is not comfortable with the way he dances and flirts with one of his fans.

Well I wonder if Kenya will just move to Atlanta, I know a couple of weeks ago she did put her California House up for sale. Maybe when she sells her house she will really but a home here in Atlanta and it will have furniture in it. HA! Well we will see if that’s going to be be her story line since all the girls such as Phaedra and Porsha refuses to film with that crazy bird. Well either way we know Ms Kenya will make us laugh and hate her all at the same time. Now Gag on this Peppermint
Tea, I am putting my calls in to Andy over at Bravo and I am going to see if we can get Marlo back in as a fill in to help make this thing a little more interesting. Also I heard through the Atlanta Gossip Line that Kim will be returning to the cast. Now this will turn all the tables around and it will give the franchise a new dynamics. Yes I will make sure Andy is on board for this one!

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Nene comes for Phaedra and Kandi Tells Kim Off

Well Chile I guess Phaedra must have sent for Nene because hunnie she goes all the way in and let have. “You can’t win when u dirty hunnie” Nene is foolish. This reunion is giving me all the life that I need. Check out this clip of Phaedra and Nene argue

Also that Monkey with a wig on Kim has entered the scene and Kandi is not having it hunnie, no not at all check out thi clip of Kandi giving it to Kim

Wait one minute chile Kim tries to explain how she came up with her baby name.

Lawd I can’t wait until sunday.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta **News Alert**** Porsha Stewart Leaving

Lawd have a little mercy on the reality stars in Atlanta. Hunnay these Atlanta Roads are whispering and Gagging! The word around the Campfire is that one of the newest cast member of the hit reality franchise is leaving the show. There has not been a confirmation from Porsha’s camp but there has been a lot of press stating that Kordell made the young reality start quit the show. Well we will soon find out because I know Season 6 is already in production and Bravo have not said anything on anyone leaving. But knowing Bravo they will wait until after the reunion show is over before they spill the beans on who is leaving, staying, or coming to join the ladies. I know one person who will be back and that is Kandi Buruss she is making the most of this reality show and making her the kind of money she and Todd need to secure a major wedding spinoff show like her previous castmate Kim Zoliciak-Bearman and her current castmate Nene Leakes.

Well I guess we will see who gets the chopping block sooner than later.

Check out Porsha’s RHOA Finale show slated to air next sunday 3/31 at 8pm eastern time.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Finale

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Kandi Sues Kim Zolciak-Bearman over "TARDY for the PARTY"

Chile the Tea has been spilt! Both ladies gear up for a full season of their own BRAVO spinoff shows, Kandi Burruss has filed papers on her former “RHOA” castmate Kim Zolciak. Well its about time, and what I am going to need for Kandi to do is not cry when she get in the courtroom. Its funny how a year everything can turn around. I bet Todd made her do it!

According to CourtHouse News, Kandi claims former cast member Kimberliegh Zolciak-Biermann illegally licensed and distributed “Tardy For The Party”, which Kandi wrote with co-plaintiff Rodney Richard. And Kandi filed the lawsuit in Federal Court today. Kandi did this just in time to ensure she will have another spot on the hit reality show. Now we all know Kandi is boring and if she is not fussing with anyone or grinding her teeth as she talk, Hunnie she is a boring apple. So filming went underway yesterday in Atlanta. I know this reunion will definitely be good. I bet Kim really is trying to find a way not to come so she can be like Adrienne from RHOBH. But that will probably end her tv career all together. We all know she need money cause her and her husband Kroy have purchased their dream home on her salary and his “Hope they don’t Trade Him) Salary!  Kim already Tweeted about Kandi:

People will do anything for publicity! So funny yet so sad!

And her daughter Brielle got in on the beef as she tweeted:

@Kandi appreciate you making fun of me for the song I wrote when I was 9 years old… obviously there was something you liked about it

We’re surprised it took Kandi this long to file because we all know she’s about her paper. But since Kim hasn’t had a real job in….a very long time….it’ll be just as interesting to see how she coughs up this money. Especially after popping out 2 more kids since she first did this song. Let Kim tell it she will give all that money to Kandi. But Kim if it didn’t really mean anything you should have just gave Kandi the money that was owed to her. But clearly you just like Kenya, you are in the stealing game cause you stole Kandi’s Babies Name!

Well I can’t wait to see this Reunion, I heard its going to be good.

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