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The Gossip Game: For The Love Of The Chase

I know you are thinking not another reality show. I said the same thing, But this is the show that creates drama for everyone. Everybody read the blogs and listen to all the gossip sites, and if you are into gossip this is show to look at! VH1 has announced their newest urban-based reality series, “The Gossip Game,” in which TV cameras follow several sexy female reporters as they try to beat each other to the latest scoop and breaking news in music and entertainment. The show premieres on Monday, April 1 at 9PM ET/PT.
The transformed music station says “The Gossip Game” will go into the everyday lives of seven media personalities “covering the fast-paced, competitive urban entertainment beat in New York City. Every day, these ambitious women navigate the ever-shifting landscape of the media industry, where they strive to preserve their place in the ‘pecking order’ while chasing the latest exclusive scoop,” says the VH1 press release.
“These rivals, who often find themselves at the epicenter of celebrity controversy, forge an uneasy alliance of friendly foes as they compete to hit their professional marks by being the first to break the latest news and divulge the intimate details of the enviable lives of hip hop’s movers and shakers.”  
Angela Yee is the co-host of the top rated “Breakfast Club” show on Power 105.1

Photos by Black Men magazine
 Jas Fly is a New York freelance writer. Fly’s colum appears appears on twice a week

 K. Foxx is the co-host of “The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show with K. Foxx” on Hot 97 FM

 Kim Osorio is the Editor-In-Chief of The Source magazine

NYC Gossip Girl, aka Vivian Billings, is the creator of blog.

 Ms. Drama is the host of the MsDrama TV blog and on-air personality at Major Playaz, an on-demand radio show. She also has Everywhere Radio on Sirius 40: Hip Hop Nation.

Sharon Carpenter is a staff writer with Russell Simmons’

The Gossip Game: For The Love Of The Chase: Seven established voices pull back the curtain on the competitive field of entertainment journalism.

Check out the sneak peak below:

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New Reality Series ::: Gossip Girls

Hunnie that Mona Scott is out and on to the next. I know this was let out sometime ago, But I feel I
need to revisit this subject and let my readers know who will be on it and who wont make it to the small screen of the reality world! This Peppermint Tea is the best ever, Move over Love and Hip Hop New York, Atlanta here comes Gossip Girls! Now this show just by the name of it should be good but the cast that Mona has picked out I almost will say i wont be tuning in. Chile but if you know Mona, it will definitely be nice and drama filled.

Here is the tenative cast for the show, Angie Martinez, Miss Info, Angela Yee, and Blogger Necole Bitchie, Jas Fly, Sharon Carpenter, Kim Osorio. This is just names that have came up and that has surfaced for the show. So I am just going to break down what the ladies do and to see if they will really have any personality for the Tv that will want to see.

Angie Martinez is a  Radio Jock. I dont know if I really care about her for one she is almost ancient. But the word around the campfire is Ms Angie was married to a gay man and now divorced. I know Mona will definitely touch that subject for which it is interesting for good Tv.

Miss Info, chile all i can say about her is that she is a radio personality in NewYork for Hot 97. Also she was a former writer and reporter for BET. But that is about it, her life seems as boring as a 96 year old lady with no teeth and 3 strings of hair.

Angela Yee is also a radio personality in New york for 105.1 as Co-host for the Breakfast Club. As I look over her life boring but, Her personality on the Breakfast Club should bring some personality to the new Series.

Jas Fly, Hunnie this chile is like a ghost that does not exist anywhere on the internet. All I know is that she works at Vibe Magazine. Chile this is not the day in age for you not to have a wikipedia page, ask that looney tune K.Michele thats something she lives by! (Flatlines)

Sharon Carpenter, is a british broadcast journalist who is best known for her work as news anchor and reporter for Black Entertainment Television and BET International. She works as a contributing correspondent for BBC World News America and a features reporter for the PIX 11 Morning News.
Well her background is giving me what you call a SQUARE! Hunnie I cant with some of these ladies. Mona you better just be pulling my pinky toe, because I am not impressed.

Kim Osorio, is a american hip-hop journalist who holds a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School. She is also the editor in chief of The Source Magazine. Hunnie from this little intro all I can say is Kill me now as I pluck my eyeballs out the socket and place them on the counter because I CAN’T!!

Necole Bitchie is a blogger that everyone knows but I have heard through the grapevine that she does not have NO personality, So chile I don’t know how she will be on Tv. But the one thing she can bring to the tv is the fact that she sleeps with married industry men, Now that Mona will def touch on all of that and we want to see how this will unfold for poor Necole.

I didn’t inlclude Sandra Rose as a cast member because they asked her to be on the show but she declined. Well for one I know she is a hoot and I would have loved to see how she would Mesh with the other girls. Because we all know a lot of celebs really don’t like her! Hunnie I know she need the publicity cause I know many people do not go to her blog on a daily basis.

Well I dont know about these boring ladies, I might tune in and I might not. Only time will tell!

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