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Is Kerry Rhodes Gay? Is this Fruit his Gay Lover?

Chile all I have to say is, I know this little fruit that is prancing around on these videos is dating Kerry Rhodes. Hunnie he looks a little dusty and he needs to get that voice fixed. I just can’t with this fruitloop.
It shouldn’t matter if Kerry Rhodes is gay or not, but when Rhodes came out publicly and said he wasn’t gay, he opened a Pandora’s box. In the new age of Skip media, people are going to be in your business.
There is nothing you can do to stop it, if you sneeze the wrong way, someone is going to write a story about it. There is a right way and wrong way to handle these situations.
The right way, is how Chris and Adrienne Bosh handled things when Lil Wayne and others tried to slander Adrienne’s reputation. They didn’t say anything, they kept living their lives and eventually people moved on. These days people have short attention spans, so if you just ignore them, they will find a new target to engage.The wrong way, is to do with Kerry Rhodes did and issue a flat denial. The reason being, now people are going to go searching, for a way to expose you as a liar, even if you are telling the truth.

Here is the link to Kerry Rhodes gay lover Russel Hollywood Jackson reality show he is shopping around to major networks

Well to be honest I will not watch this foolery, for one he is not interesting plus he looks like he is only 21 and acts very childish. He needs to find a closet to get into!
Well pictures don’t lie, There is something going on with him and that fruit snack! Dang!
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