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Kelly Rowland Speaks Against Date Abuse Video!!!

Kelly Rowland and other celebs are speaking out about Date Abuse. October is Domestic Violence Month and its time to be aware and make a change.

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Kelly Rowland – New Music Dirty Laundry Video

So Kelly is still promoting her new album “Talk A Good Game” and now she has released her newest installment video “Dirty Laundry” Let me know what you think.

Her is the Video.

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Kelly Rowland gives a stellar performance

Kelly Rowland kicked off her summer tour with The-Dream recently and during their stop through “Dirty Laundry“. I don’t care what anybody say that Kelly can sing and I am glad she is letting the world know that she has a voice to with mad sex appeal.
the Washington, DC area this weekend, fans watched her rip through a heart-wrenching performance of

Wrtten by The-Dream, the autobiographical track takes Kelly to a place we rarely see her as she admits to being abused, admits she was envious of Beyonce’s success in a bittersweet way and admits she was doubtful of herself.

As the audience sang along, Kelly rifted through her emotions before a tearful breakdown towards the end. Pick up a copy of Talk A Good Game when it hits stores on June 18th.  Gotta love her.
Watch video of Kelly’s  performance below:

Kelly Rowland “Dirty Laundry” Live in DC



New Music::Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry

All I can say is that Kelly Rowland is killing it in this song. This song is so personal and raw. I know Kelly has really went through it mentally, saying to herself should I write and sing this song. Kelly has really figured out what she need to do to gain respect from people in this industry. They say airing your dirty laundry in public is uncouth, but when your entire life is in the spotlight, they’re bound to see it anyway. On her brand-new single released on Wednesday (May 15), Kelly Rowland unapologetically is putting everything on the clothesline for the entire world to see — even the delicates, from her acknowledged jealousy of Beyoncé to an abusive relationship that still seems to haunt her. I am very proud of her. Go Kelly, It’s your time now KILL IT!

Take a listen and tell me what you think

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NEW MUSIC "Without Me" , Fantasia ft Kelly Rowland & Missy E!

WELP, I guess Fantasia said sh has to come out this bad rut she is in. I assume this new song has to be about her baby daddy! It fits the mold real good. Yes Fanny that is a good song and very nice to add the touch of MS Kelly and Missy. This song should do well. Let’s hope this is a banger alum for Fantasia, I really think she deserves it!
Take a listen to her new single just released.

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Beyonce aka King B aka BaddieBey Super Bowl Performance

Well hunnie Beyonce spilled all the Peppermint Tea tonight. Beyonce slayed the children tonight along with all of her  other haters, She even brought her best friends up on the stage to sing a little bit with her. It was nice seeing Destiny’s Child together again and they all sounded great. But you know that good ole Michelle will always give us something to run around and sniggle about. That poor little bird missed a step once again, I guess she say oh well what the hell I am getting my checks regardless. If you missed this show here it is. I bet Beyonce was saying at the end ummmm what yall have to say now. ANY QUESTIONS?????  UMMMMMM I DON”T THINK SO? *drops the mic and picks up baby blue*

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Luke James Make Love to Me

Chile I cant wait until Grammy-nominated singer Luke James drop his EP Whispers in the Dark!!

In the meantime, he’s released the latest visual for his new record, “Make Love To Me” which features an all-star cast.  Celebs like Omar Hardwick, Terry Ellis from EnVogue and Kelly Rowland all make cameos in the video which gives a nod to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” music video.

This year is only the beginning for Luke James who wowed the audience as he opened for Beyonce at Revel, as well as performances at this year’s BET’s Honors, Black Girls Rock and Soul Train Awards.  He was also recently announced as one of the new faces of Diddy’s Sean John clothing line.

Check out the video

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