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Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Finale with Pressed Natural Hair Care Salon

Well Season 5 of the Brown Girls of Atlanta is coming to a end and they are ending it with a bang. Porsha comes to her favorite hair salon and Hairstylist, Celebrity Hairstylist Kyaira Brown in Atlanta to get their opinions of what costume she should wear to that Kenya Square pants party. Pressed Natural Haircare Salon is located at 644 Antone Street suite 5 Atlanta, Ga 30318. 404-883-3465  Celebrity Stylist Nikk Nelslon is the owner of this Prestigious salon. If you want healthy hair and THE Best Hair Extension service in Atlanta, Pressed Natural Hair Care Salon is the place to go.  Here is a clip from the season finale.

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Oh Really Girl? Mo Ivory: Ladies…Who’s Hiding Under Your Weave? « V-103 – The People’s Station

Now I have something that I need to get off my chest.  Here is the TEA, I was listening to the radio today and they were talking about weaves. This lady wrote this blog because she was really taken back when her 14year old asked her for a weave, Her daughter told her that all her friends have weave and thats why she wanted one. I feel like children that old should not be wearing a weave unless they are having hair issues. Secondly I feel that if you don’t wear weave you really don’t have any say so on why so many African American women wears weaves in Atlanta. This lady tried to say that 80% of African American Women in Atlanta wears weave, that is not right. Plus she was stating that the caucasian women didn’t wear as much weave than the African American women. She is wrong, I know a lot of other nationalities that wears weaves. I feel this is the wrong subject to talk about especially if you are not in the industry or you are not a weave wearer! People please read this below and let me know what you think!

Mo Ivory: Ladies…Who’s Hiding Under Your Weave? « V-103 – The People’s Station

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