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Iyanla Vanzant, Fix My Life with Syleena Johnson and Family

Chile Iyanla has returned and determined to help all these people with their problems. She started her new season heading to Atlanta, Ga with a new haircut and a new Malibu to save lives, she said she is ready. Little than she knew this was not going to be easy with the Johnson clan.

First off let me just say Syleena is a good one, because if my mother was in my house doing all that talking trash she would be headed straight to the old folks home, Don’t nobody have time for that.
So the meeting started with a meeting with the whole family, Brenda the mother is a hoot. She needs to be in rehab for drinking, a dentist chair to get those teeth fixed and the shrink to see why she have anger issues. Next on the list is that father SYL, hunnie he needs to sit down because he has one side of those bones in the grave and the other side of those bones trying to get some calcium pills. The family as a whole is really messed up and it all came from the mother and dad getting a divorce and the way that they talked to their three girls.

Syleena is mad at her mother cause she called them all kind of names when she was little. She said that made her have a complex and made her feel like she was bullied as a chile. Syleena if brenda was my mom I probably would have made her head hurt because i would have made her life a living hell.

Now Sylette is mad at her dad cause he called her a slut when she got pregnant when she was 17 and he really had not spoked to her since then. Girl I would have told him to kick rocks and dealt with it.

Iyanla sat down with that grinch of a mother and talked to her to see why she acts the way she does. As she sitting down she found out that Brenda was the first black police commissioner in history in their town. Now my question is how did she go from being that to being a alcoholic and a advid chain smoker? Whose knows chile if she would just open up and quit being so mean she might feel love from her children. Now that SYL on the other hand just don’t know how to love because hell he is almost 80 and from his time the father just needed to provide for his family, he didn’t have time to love them. That sounds crazy but its the truth.

Iyanla made Syleena and Brenda do homework and they were suppose to come up with a verse to a song and syleena was going to make it into a song for them. That ole Brenda came through with her song along with Syleena and they produced a song. You can listen to it Below.

Through it all Iyanla came and did her job hopefully they are on to a healthy and wonderful relationship.

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BasketBall Wives Miami is Coming

Well the wait is almost over. The ladies of the original Basketball wives franchise is about to take over your TV screens again. The ladies have had a very long hiatus and they are ready to show us what they have been up too. Evelyn has showed us her vulnerable side as she let Iyanla Vanzant fix her broken life after her and her short lived marriage crumbled before our eyes, also she has made a move to LA to start her new life while she is closer with her daughter that moved from Miami to go to LA to go to college. All the rest of the ladies have really been quite Tammy is working on her anger management and being a real actress. Shaunie is being a mom I guess because she really does not have anything to do other than being in the middle of the mess of the ladies. Chile maybe that foolish Susie has learned her lesson about telling everyones business. The newcomer Tasha Marbury have been in the headlines because she claims she has a stalker and the stalker is staling her husband also. Girl sit down we don’t even know if we are going to like you yet. Well like i said the wait is over the new season starts on August 19 on VH1. Shaunie tweeted the actual date to one of her twitter followers that asked her when was it coming back.

Will you be watching on August 19?

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Nene has said it! Is Nene the Boss Bish for RHOA?

So the word around the campfire is that Queen Nene Leakes said that Porsha was the housewife that needed to be replaced. She expressed her opinion on how she felt that Kordell and Porsha was not fully truthful with things going on in their life. Well Nene girl they are not suppose to just let everything hang out girl! Well I guess what Nene thought really didn’t matter because aparently all of the Brown Girls of Atlanta signed on for season 6, But I did read that the Twirler herself said goodbyes and she wasn’t coming back. So something has happened and Andy must have told that cocktail bird BYE! Here is a clip of the interview with Andy and Nene for sunday.

That Nene talking about the cast off Sheree Whitfield!

I can’t wait for this. Its going to be very funny and we all know Nene is going to keep it real and Andy is going to stay MESSY!

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Porsha and Kordell Divorced ?!? Did they Fake their Divorce?

See this is the foolery that I am talking about. See what had happen was someone in Bravo’s camp needs to be fired because they are spilling all kinds of Tea that should not be spilled. Well according to my sources and in the blogosphere that Porsha and Kordell was on their way out the reality door. But when someone in Porsha’s camp got word that she was about to be out the door her and Kordell came up with the master plan to get a fake divorce. Well just to state my opinion I don’t believe it. Well I was on Instagram and he was like debating his love for Porsha and He was posting pictures reminiscing  on their marriage. Chile first of all if he missed her like that he would not even filed for divorce in the first place. How bout that? Now this is the Gag, This is what he was writing on his Instagram on April 28.

As you see he post a pic of him and Porsha, stating that he just had to post it. Well why did you feel the need to post these pictures on Instagram and then retract them. I went back to his Instagram Page and they are gone. What’s up with that Kordell?

Then he post a picture of Porsha and his father. Kordell what is this suppose to do, make her feel bad to come running back to you? Not going to happen. You made your bed with this one, so you need to lay in it Hot and All!


So then he post this in the comment. “What y’all think?? Here to work it out? Y’all have been supportive so I’m asking, may not work, but I’m going to try”

Now as I said earlier, I don’t believe anything that comes out his wife. To my understanding he really didn’t want anything to do with Bravo nor wanting Porsha to be apart of the show. So Kordell, my question to you, Is it cheaper to keep her or just trick her so she won’t end up with anything?

One more thing, while Kordell was posting these pictures, Porsha was doing the same she posted this Picture on Instagram then took it down. What does this mean? Is she contemplating going back with her husband?

All I know is somebody has some explaining to do if this is not true about the divorce. Porsha girl if you know like I know, you will run and don’t look back!

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Is Kenya Moore leaving the Housewives Franchise?

Some very interesting foolery have been brought to my attention about this crazy twirling bird Kenya Moore. So I was told by a source that Kenya Moore herself is leaving RHOA. I really didn’t believe it until I read the blog that she suppose to be leaving the show. I don’t know if I buy any parts of it. Let me call Andy to see if this is true. This is here goodbye’s to everyone ,

NeNe: Thank you for your kindness and your open heart. You have had my back on and off screen and I appreciate you for all you have done to help me navigate this process and my changes in life. I most appreciate the girl talk and encouraging words you have given me regarding my love life. Those words came at a time I thought I would never find someone who would love me unconditionally. I’ll never forget those words.
Is anyone buying the story of a wonderful man in her life?
Cynthia: You are the epitome of a beautiful woman equally as stunning as you are kind. You haven’t let the pressures of being in the public eye change you. I’m happy to call you a friend and hope that our relationship continues to grow. You inspire me.
Kandi: I have always been a fan and am so proud watching your life flourish. Thank you for staying neutral and true to yourself. You are a sweet, talented, successful, kind woman. You deserve to be happy. I think Todd is a wonderful man and can’t wait to see what is next for you in business and in life.
Kim: I never laughed so much when we met. You are funny, sweet, sexy, and real. I hate that we didn’t get a chance to bond during the season, but we are neighbors and I’ll be over soon to borrow some sugar! You crack me up.
How exactly has Kenya moved into Kim’s neighborhood? Do her little excursions to Dubai pay that well?
RHOAPorshaheadbandPorsha: Life is about growth. We can only grow if we are able to see our mistakes. Look to God and your family and true friends for support during your lowest times. It’s not about the destination but the journey. The journey is what makes life worth living. The journey is what makes boys into men and girls into women. I’m confident your life will change for the better. I wish you well. (And thank you for Gone With The Wind Fabulous!)
Phaedra: God brings people into your life for a reason. You are the reincarnation of my mother. Your actions and evil will toward me goes beyond any fight. You meant to destroy me with your planted blog stories, reckless false accusations, counsel to my ex, and sinister behavior in its lowest form. Yet, you have only made me stronger and wiser. Thank you for showing me who you really are.
Phaedra pushes Kenya’s Mommy Issues Button? Interesting…
nenepartylawrenceLawrence: You are the reason my life has changed for the better.  I’ve watched you grow into one of the most incredible people I have ever met. I know you beyond the heels, beyond the makeup and your persona. I’m proud to call you a friend but you are my family. I love your heart. and that is all that will ever matter to me.
My angels Saisha, Brandon Deshazer, Brandon Roberts, Chanda, Lauren, Lisa, Tracey, my family, and Velvet. You have kept me sane. Well… sane is relative LOL!
To the press: We’ve had a blast. Thank you for your support and continued coverage. Thank you Kelly and Michael, Anderson Cooper, HuffPost,, etc… and especially Wendy Williams: I’ve always admired you for you intelligence, your bold self expression, your honesty and I appreciate you as strong black women. You championed for me before the show even aired and I thank you for that.
Someone clearly does not watch Wendy Williams. Wendy has trashed her mercilessly… on days she was not a guest of course.
And finally the viewers: I have lived my life my way. I will never apologize for being me. I love to laugh and I will never take myself too seriously. I thank you for your kind and unkind words, your love and your hate, your support and disdain, your likes and dislikes. Through it all you have been engaged and entertained and you have expressed yourself.
To my fans: You have made this season EPIC! Now here’s a twirl for you baby! Always remember who gave you life:
We let the world know… DON’T COME FOR ME UNLESS I SEND FOR YOU!
With Love,

ChileBye is all I have to say. I will have to check into this a little more to see if this is the truth!

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Rasheeda divorcing Kirk!

Fresh off the press. according to mediatakeout Rasheeda from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta caught her Baby daddy Kirk in the Bed with him a hot new model Piece. The model girl name is Alexis Miller and she is known to be a wife stealer and a groupie. Alexis is slated to be one of the stars of a new reality show called “The Real Mistresses of Atlanta” If this ain’t a damn Pickle. First of all the word around the campfire is Kirk has a boyfriend, So this news about him messing with a Lady Fish is shocking to me! I guess he realized that all fruit salad is not good Fruit salad.                                             

Alexis Miller

Rasheeda is accusing her husband Kirk – of sleeping with a popular Atlanta model and socialite named Alexis Miller. Alexis, has been IN THE GAME for a minute – and she made headlines a few years back for being one of Shaq’s JUMPOFFS (She actually SUED Shaq for stalking her). Alexis is also VERY OPEN about her husband stealing ways.

Word is that Rasheeda got SOME KIND OF INFORMATION FROM SOMEWHERE that Kirk and Alexis were creeping – and she FIRED HIM. We’re told that the VERY PREGNANT Rasheeda put Kirk out the house and told him that she WILL be hiring a lawyer soon, and it’s a WRAP.

Bye Kirk with your lazy ass. While you hazing Rasheeda about a blood test for that baby, She need to be giving you a STD test ASAP.

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Alicia Keys : New Music Video "Fire We Make"

Alicia Keys finally unleashed this sultry music video. This is one if her best songs and collaborations, Maxwell was perfect all the way around. Here is the video I hope you enjoy it.

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Jessica Lacy-Voker interview about Phaedra Parks

 Chile I don’t know what is worse Phaedra being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta or this lady Jessica Voker on here telling how her and Phaedra have slept with men for money. Hunnie she is spilling all the Peppermint Tea today and when I tell you its juicy. Boo Boo she is talking about Kandi and Phaedra they are one in the same. You need to listen to this and see what the Tea is all about. But this Tell all book that she is writing is going to mess up everybodies world.

This is a text message she sent to Phaedra. This is why I can’t!

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Nene Leakes, Exposed by Family

Hunnie boom boom chile. All I know is You can’t Win, When you play Dirty Hunnie! I know this Retarded Tea has been spilled, but it has been brought to my attention that I need to Spill even more of it! So I am going to lay it all down for you plain and simple. Now we all know that Nene has said time and time again that she is not from Athens, and she DEFINITELY let it be known that she was born in New York. So sunday that good Ole HENNESSEY TEA was spilled all over Bravo and its foolish Antics on the The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show. So it is just like this Nene and Phaedra goes into this long drawn out argument about Nene supposedly half sister. Well Monday all that Brown Hennessey TEA was again spilled. Chile I am just going to tell you the truth. Umm Boo Boo Ms. Leakes girl you should not be wanting to get all in people’s face and holler when you still have family issues. Hunnie according to my sources, chile they not trying to become relevant from your extended 15 mins of fame they just want you to tell the truth. Sooo Ms. Leakes you tells Phaedra she not smart and she can’t win when you play dirty. Well it looks like you are playing dirty to your WHOLE sisters, Then you go into this long spill telling Phaedra that everybody have secrets and you don’t want them told. Welp it looks like you got secrets and we all want to know. I mean really. So i retrieved this from Nene’s sister facebook page where she promotes her cosmetology business. I am going to let you take a look and you tell me what you think.

I mean when it all comes down to it we want Nene to be happy, But we welcome some good ole TEA.

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New Music: LL Cool J featuring Monica "Closer"

I guess LL Cool J said if Jay Z can still rap I can too. The 45 year old rapper LL Cool J is back with a new album and  a new single featuring the southern songstress Monica. Here is the single I hope you like it.

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