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Married to Medicine Splits…. Mariah and Quad friendship Severed

Chile now this is the ultimate Pickle. Now the things you are about to read I didn’t write.  This came from @FunkyDineva. When I tell you this is the funniest ever. The TV and these Cameras will make your friends go away.

You and your best friend thinking about doing reality television with one another? Do your relationship a favor and DON’T. Quiet as its kept, many close relationships find it hard to sustain after reality television comes into play. Well, as much as it saddens me to report this, Quadd Lunceford and Mariah Huq are no longer friends, following season 1 of Married to Medicine. Things have gotten so bad that restraining orders have been filed, production has been halted on several
occasions, and network executives have gotten involved. Catch these T’s.

reco chapple quad lunceford
If you are curious as to what the central theme of Season 2 of Married to Medicine will be, wonder no more. Season 2 you can expect the central storyline to be the dissipation of Quadd & Mariah’s friendship. Things are pretty bad guys. Ordinarily I would call things like this “fake” and made for tv, but because I’m a lady of the night, I’ve gotten the opportunity to witness some things when the cameras were not rolling. Chile we were down to the steakhouse and things got REAL. Purses hit the floor, someone was escorted out the restaurant, people were called b!itches, all while patrons were trying to tootsie roll down to da bar.
What good is a reality television show without a good gay guy sidekick. Enters fashion designer Reco Chapple. Viewers can expect to see jovial developing relationship between Quad  and college friend Reco Chapple. The gag is, Reco and Mariah WERE Childhood besties. Quiet as its kept, Marriah filed a restraining order against Reco Chapple earlier this month, but lost the case in court yeterday ( 11/25/13)  after failing to convince the judge that she feared for her life.
restrainign order
It’s been reported that non of the cast is really featuring Mariah. The former television producer who once boasted about being the creative genius behind Married to Medicine seems to be losing control of what she has previously refereed to as “her show”. The entire cast minus Mariah have recently returned from a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains that was filmed for the show. Supposedly the cast asked that Mariah not be allowed to attend. Production, having their own issues with Mariah gladly obliged them.
Chile it looks as if Married To Medicine was a prescription for disaster and someone’s “Gay Husband” wrote it. Catch that!  There is so much tea, so many details, so many lies, so many eye witness incidents that have yet to hit the forefront. Ohhh but don’t you worry, The Doll will be sure to report on ALL of them as the time comes.

Ohh if any of y’all care, that white women with all those lips wont be returning for season two.


Walter Jackson wants to talk to Andy Cohen

So the word around the campfire is Walter Jackson really wants his extended 15 minutes, y’all. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” semi-boyfriend of Kenya Moore is begging Bravo’s exec Andy Cohen to let him give the real deal about him and Kenya.

After going on V103’s radio station a while back dishing on his for-the-cameras relationship with “RHOA” star Kenya Moore, Walter’s not done yet. He’s been spotted with women on dates and such a few times, so he quickly got the wrap of being a player. Maybe this is what’s prompting him to come out about his fake relationship.

Now, Walter’s taking it a step further by asking Andy Cohen…on Twitter…of he could go on his show (“Watch What Happens Live”) to dish some dirt. He tweeted:

Hi @BravoAndy, I am willing to come on your show and prove that we hadn’t seen or talked to each other until the show started taping.Why are we not surprised?

Meanwhile, Walter hit up Atlanta’s Metro Fuxon (pictured above) on Saturday and snapped pics with (and likely tried to get at) every woman in the place.

Chile so all I can say is that Ms. Walter had a little bit more Peppermint Tea to spill. Well all I can say is Andy let him come on with Nene, cause we all know she is going to keep it real about that fake relationship.
Here are the recording from that morning!;postID=8483504681939438870

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Love & Hip Hop (Dirty Little Secrets)

Chile it has taken me second to gather all my thoughts on these crazy dingbats on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. All I have to say is they are some messy broads and I am not just meaning the women, the men too are a total PICKLE! I am going to sit here and just break down some valid points from the show. That Mona Scott is a very talented lady, In my opinion I know she messy but if I had a show she would def be the producer.

Erica, First of all chile I know after the first season you were suppose to show improve. But I see that clearly didn’t happen. Tell me one thing Erica, out of all the hairstylist in Atlanta you continue to go the worst one ever. You are sitting up here with these two horns on your head! i just cant with you and that wack ole hairstyle. Erica and her mother Minon has to be going to the same hairstylist, Because they are rocking the hairstyles from the early 90’s and that is not the Gag nor the Tea! Chile Boo! Now did yall catch erica when she walked in that house and walked past Scrappy, she had the nerve to say that she was thinking about something and she didnt see him nor the camera crew, Hunnie that a lie, You saw them! But all you could focus on was you had a empty house with no furniture! Tell me this Ms Girl. If scrappy is a good father why is it that you had to take him out on child support and why would he take all the furniture from you and his baby! Chile he really dont want your Basic Tail! I am just saying, I cant help I am just telling the truth! Sorry Boo!

Scrappy, Hunnie the city of Atlanta need to find him and get their GED they granted him! Can you say that thing really cant talk, the sad part about it is he thinks that language he speak is cute! That is a automatic Fail times Ten! Scrappy goes into a talk about Shay should have been women enough to tell him she hope he is happy! Scrappy you are not all of that, secondly if you wanted that Plain Jane Erica you should have not had Shay mind going that you were going to leave her alone and it was going to be something between you two! See you know that OLD lady called KARMA, she is going to light into your tail and you are going to be speaking proper english! So they bring up the fight scene again and he is going to say that it is making him all mad again. Lil boy sit down somewhere before you end up back behind the bars where you belong!

Shay, really I just dont know what to say about you! You may act like you really about this life, but in reality you are not about this life by any means! You are on the screen with this ugly ponytail. Its black and then your bang area is light brown, blonde and black. Hunty I am definitely about to take your hair card, Cause you were up there looking like UGLESHA! So they show the scene where Scrappy tells you that he is choosing Erica Plain Jane over you. Girl you knew this was going to happen, you on the stage looking like a orange that had sex with a leapord and that rats nest on your head that looks like howard the duck! I can’t and I won’t with you. So you feel the need to get mad and holler scrappy’s business out that the utilities are in your name, girl first of all if that is not your house your name should have not been anywhere on those utilities, secondly you didn’t have to try to embarrass him saying his credit score is a negative zero! We already know that he is a mama’s boy and he don’t have any responsibilities! Shay I just have one question, why did you have to say that you cried last season but you are going to laugh this time around. Chile are you sure you going to laugh or be laughed at if you come back on the scene with a Toupe’ on that head looking like road kill.

Why did they really give Karli Redd 5 seconds to say something? Then she says that she has somebody to get this season. Chile if you talking about Kmichele you will probably get beat up cause that bird don’t care at all. I guess that mean you will be on the show with your whopped sided bootay!! (lol)

Why is Mimi and that Stevie J still messing around. See this is what happens when a Basic Bish gets a hold of a player. They get sprung and they let the player get away with murder. i am not even going to address this love triangle with Stevie j and his two fools Mimi and Joseline! All I have to say is that Ms Joseline is a bad lady/boy and she is doing what she needs to do to stay relevant. But I can’t and I won’t with Mimi basic self!

Why did Rasheeda have the least time? Could it be that her storyline with Kirk was just blah. Now what that Mona should have did was got that Toya Carter-Wright on the cast and that would have been what I wanted to see. I bet Rasheeda would have really been turned up cause she will not let that Kmichele dog Toya on that show. Oh well we will just have to see what they have in store for us!

Kmichele, All I have to say is that you a straight Pickle and that is all I have to say about you! All those one liners that you dish out is going to make you get your azz beat in real life! Why did that foolish Azz Kmichele say that Raheeda is the fake Chili and says she need to stick to the Rivers and Lakes. Girl I Live for that foolish Read!

Mama Dee, why did Mama Dee going to say that she can’t even go to the Family Dollar Store! Chile sit your old crow self down, who wants to see you? Not me! Why was your hair looking like a oversized Poodle.

I was glad to see The Doll Funky Dineva giving me ole Senator wife Realness with that outfil and that hair. She said something that I just have to repeat. She said Mimi was looking like a Molly Maid! I live for that Read Ms gurl!

 This will be  interesting season to look at. We will see who will be the new additions, word around the campfire is Diamond and Soulja Boy will join the cast. Mona girl that is just Messy but we love it!

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Kenya Moore Threatens to sue Blogger

Chile now that Kenya Moore has went too far. She want to sue “The Doll” Funky Dineva for breaking the story about her renting that OLE Empty house that she swear he bought during the show. Ms Kendra, I meant Kenya Square Pants, Hunnie Chile all that is public records and it does not take much for someone to send a copy of a check. Clearly Ms Moore u have plenty of enemies.

So here is the HOT PEPPERMINT TEA for the week, First her pretend boyfriend Walter jackson lets everyone know that she is a fraud on a national radio show (The Frank & Wanda Morning Show), Then she tries to send a letter to Wendy Williams stating that Walter was lying and that we will see the truth play out on the show. Girl all your lies are just crumbling before your real hair! So Wendy Williams call her out and says she is a Liar and she does not believe anything she says! Now this, she is going through a emotional roller coaster and she is about to derail! (HA) This is what she sends to Blogger Funky Dineva,

“As a result of your client,  Quentin Latham,  posting a stolen check of mine online on his website located at :,  He has since redacted the full address from his initial posting online which we have as evidence, he and his accomplices have broken several laws punishable by jail time.
I have spoken to my attorneys and have filed a police report and will be speaking to the DA tomorrow to proceed with Criminal prosecution of Invasion of Privacy, bank fraud and a civil lawsuit. The first two 2 charges mandate jail time if found guilty.

As a result of this breach of my security and criminal theft by conversion, my bank accounts have been compromised and hacked.

My life and my personal security is not a joke and I will prosecute these relentless and ignorant common criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Kenya: I got yo Azz now. Walter: This silly Hoe! #ICANT with her!

Chile that Kenya is out for blood and she does not care who she takes down. This is really going to be a freaking PICKLE. Kenya I hope you are not still staying in that Hotel that you stayed in after you finished filming your lying portion of the show. Girl I wish the best and I pray you find a man that can take you and all your many personalities, Because you have a lot of them floating around. I cant with that girl, I hope she has a new movie or something that can help her get some money or something. My suggestion to her is to marry her a rich old white man. At least he might love her for the remainder of his life.

Here is the link to Funky Dineva Site. Check it out.

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