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Frank Ski & Wanda Smith leaving Radio!

Hunnnnnnntayyyyyy, these Atlanta skreets are out her whistling and knocking at my door. Guess who is trying to come in out the cold? The infamous Frank Ski and Wanda Smith. So they announced on wednesday that they had a big announcement to make on thursday. So chile thursday came and the little voices started hitting the waves. Frank Ski started off saying that he was leaving the morning show and that he was going to do what god has planned for him to do. Then that Wanda Smith followed suit as usual, we all know that she is a follower anyway, clearly she is not a leader, because if she was she would be staying on board. 

So the word around the campfire is that CBS didn’t renew their contract due to the fact that the ratings were not up to what they needed to be since they were the number 1 urban radio station. Then a little bird told me that they have been trying to come up with a excuse to let Frank go anyway because the city had a better response for Ryan Cameron on the morning show since he is from Atlanta. The ratings for the show when Ryan is on was a whole lot better than when Frank is on the mic. It was a shock to the community as they are still in the midst of their send-off show. I couldn’t believe it, all these people calling in talking about how Frank has changed their life. I am sitting here thinking how? Did he show you how to stay out all night and cheat on your wife, hunnie I am just saying I don’t believe al the foolishness and mayhem!
Steve Harvey called in while he was in the middle of his own radio show, and he hinted that this was due to a bad business decision by the station and  “someone is making a huge mistake.”  He said that you don’t let legends go because legends have a tendency to show back up in places you don’t expect them to.  Steve gushed they’ve been competitors and friends for years, but he will indeed find out what happened. Chile first of all Steve you need to be quite before you be announcing that you are leaving your boring Azz show! Steve you really need to sit down and have SEVERAL SEATS! Michael Baisden, Ricky Smiley and plenty other radio vets have called in during this morning’s send off show.  But Frank Ski said he doesn’t plan to leave ATL, even though his home is now for sale.  And next week will be their final days (not tomorrow as some are reporting), as Frank says he and Wanda want to see through their “Christmas List” shows. Well in my opinion I just don’t believe nothing they are saying…oh well I don’t have to look at that rooster hairdo that Wanda be wearing every night on the TV. 
Frank, who also has a restaurant in Atlanta, maintains he’s leaving because he wants to affect more people on a larger level.  And it seems that CBS and the hosts could not come to an agreement about Frank expanding his empire–especially with him reportedly wanting a CBS tv show based around his radio life.  That was apparently a no-go. They knew that would definitely be a Epic Fail along with his under cover girlfriend Nina Brown alongside him. I can’t with that duo i meant trio! Atlanta’s in an uproar, despite the fact Frank & Wanda made their own decisions to leave.  But many believe they were forced to make the decision as CBS would not cater to their expansion needs.
Also they word around the campfire is they are bringing Big Tiger down to Atlanta to take Ryan Cameron’s Place! This is definitely going to be interesting to see how this unfold! Well I guess we will have to see what they do or what station they will end up on. I guess that Miss Sophia is laughing now because how they treated her when they made her depart from the station. 

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