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Iyanla, Fix My Life Terrell Owens

Well I have been waiting on this installment of this show for a week now. I knew that Iyanla was going to go all the way in with her Shade, Because the shade that she hands out  is everlasting and cuts you like a knife. So I am just going to jump right into it, I know its not just me but why does T.O. cry all the freaking time? I mean you are 39 years old and you running around acting like you are three. I am really concerned about him, I mean this happen to you when you were little, why are you still holding on to the past like that? I mean that is not why you don’t have a job nor is it why you are broke, nor why you don’t take up time with your four children.

Iyanla really let T.O. have it tonight. I mean the way she said certain things to him was really harsh. Hell i hope he does not go jump off a bridge because that Tough Luv she was unleashing was crazy. She told him, how does it feel to be back in your humbling beginning? Chile I almost fainted and bumped my head. But why did he just sit there and act like he didn’t know what to say. First let me just say this, he is really a dandiwalker because he didn’t have sense enough to know his life was spinning out of control. Hell when his reality show was on Stevie Wonder could have seen all this foolery happening in his life. Now this is the Gag TeaBaggers, So why his dad didn’t want to talk on cameras at first, then he thought about all the fame he could get and changed his mind. People slay me thinking they can benefit from a little camera time. Then that messy jessy Iyanla goes to talk to that mother and pretty much called her a BITCH in her face by calling her Beloved. Because that is what that word means, then she follows up with calling her a Whore in her face pretty much. Iyanla asked the mother why she didn’t let Terrell go visit his dad, she was like he was married. Chile i saw Iyanla clutch her pearls because she was like you respected the marriage after you got pregnant by a married man but not before when you were sleeping with him. Now all I could do was shake my head because that was the ultimate SHADE ever thrown.

You know i really don’t know why he is having a hard time because he has all the outlets to make a comback, he won’t be on the field but he do know the sport. He needs to utilize his knowledge of the sport and become something before his babymothers put him in jail because he can’t pay that child support. T.O. mister welcome to the land of the regular people. Oh I forgot one thing, just maybe he should have had his boyfriend on the show (Chad OHOCINCO) to keep him from crying. Hell they both might would have been crying because both of their football days are over. Oh well they are going to learn today!!

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Iyanla Vanzant, Fix My Life with Syleena Johnson and Family

Chile Iyanla has returned and determined to help all these people with their problems. She started her new season heading to Atlanta, Ga with a new haircut and a new Malibu to save lives, she said she is ready. Little than she knew this was not going to be easy with the Johnson clan.

First off let me just say Syleena is a good one, because if my mother was in my house doing all that talking trash she would be headed straight to the old folks home, Don’t nobody have time for that.
So the meeting started with a meeting with the whole family, Brenda the mother is a hoot. She needs to be in rehab for drinking, a dentist chair to get those teeth fixed and the shrink to see why she have anger issues. Next on the list is that father SYL, hunnie he needs to sit down because he has one side of those bones in the grave and the other side of those bones trying to get some calcium pills. The family as a whole is really messed up and it all came from the mother and dad getting a divorce and the way that they talked to their three girls.

Syleena is mad at her mother cause she called them all kind of names when she was little. She said that made her have a complex and made her feel like she was bullied as a chile. Syleena if brenda was my mom I probably would have made her head hurt because i would have made her life a living hell.

Now Sylette is mad at her dad cause he called her a slut when she got pregnant when she was 17 and he really had not spoked to her since then. Girl I would have told him to kick rocks and dealt with it.

Iyanla sat down with that grinch of a mother and talked to her to see why she acts the way she does. As she sitting down she found out that Brenda was the first black police commissioner in history in their town. Now my question is how did she go from being that to being a alcoholic and a advid chain smoker? Whose knows chile if she would just open up and quit being so mean she might feel love from her children. Now that SYL on the other hand just don’t know how to love because hell he is almost 80 and from his time the father just needed to provide for his family, he didn’t have time to love them. That sounds crazy but its the truth.

Iyanla made Syleena and Brenda do homework and they were suppose to come up with a verse to a song and syleena was going to make it into a song for them. That ole Brenda came through with her song along with Syleena and they produced a song. You can listen to it Below.

Through it all Iyanla came and did her job hopefully they are on to a healthy and wonderful relationship.

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Sheree Whitfield…………….

Chile I just got some Chilling Tea this morning. Ok so Sheree speakes out on Porsha and Kordel’s Divorce. This is what the “SHE” by Sheree Designer had to say about Porsha. ” As a woman my heart goes out to her. Stay positive, stay strong and keep moving forward. It’s not easy for anyone, but it will get better. I would tell anyonewhether they were married to a NFL player or a Trash Collector, “you definitely have to have those people you can trust around you, and of course you have to cry”.

Alright then Sheree I am sure Porsha appreciate your sympathy. Then Sheree goes on to say ” I honestly think marriages that were broken up on any reality show came into the reality show with problems. Chile puuuuhLease, umm of course so. Sheree girl Get Your Life and Let Iyanla Fix your LIFE! Besides you can catch Sheree and Bob on Iyanla’s Fix my Life on April 13th on OWN TV, there is also a petition to get her back on the the 6th season of RHOA. Chile I guess but if you want to sign to get her back on the show here is the link to the petition. But she did say during a interview that she don’t miss the show , but she do miss the paycheck, umph I guess she do.

Here is the link to see her on Iyanla Fix my Life.

Here is the link  to get Sheree back on the Sixth season of RHOA.

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