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Tiny Tonight Talk Show Premier

So tonight was the night that Tameka “tiny” Harris premiered her new talk show! Let me just get right to it! The show was funny and I did like the dynamics of the show, but I think Tiny need to get some speech classes! She doing all that bouncing around like she waiting on her next drug fix! Tamar was really good on the show, many may think she is too much, but she is just enough to keep the show going! Nowthat Trina with that plastic hair she had on her head was awful! I know she could have found another wig that would have looked better! Also I feel Trina was a little disconnected with the girls maybe she is not a good fit! We wilk see what the people thought! 
Claudia I don’t know if you are the best fit fir the shiw but I can see why you where there. You brought the ckass to the show because the ither cast nenbers are hot messy pickles!
Now the last mess of the night was that Shekinah, she is very funny don’t get me wrong, I just want her to get sone media training!  The rawness is lovely but it still can be refined a little!
Over all the show was good and I think as it goes on the show will get better. So Tiny good job!
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