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Kevin Clash, Voice of Elmo, Accused of child molestation

Poor Elmo, He might be Unemployed!

Chile when are these grown ass men going to learn they can’t mess with these little boys and thik they are not going to tell soon or a later. See the Peppermint Tea is he was messing around with this underage boy. See I don’t know how to take that. How make mess around with Elmo’s voice? This makes me think this little boy at the time was up to something. Clash denies any allegations on under age sex, But he does say that it was between two consenting adults. Ummm am I confused, 16 is not a adult. Clash I really think you have messed up with this. Clash got those cakes and then the boy prob asked him to do something and Clash probably blew him off. See OLD men when you mess with these young tender boys you have to watch how much information you give to them because it will bite you in the Anus (literally) I just have one more thing to say if he is innocent, why did he take a leave of absence something in this mixture of the soup is not stirring around right! Let me get on the phone and call Elmo and see how he feel about this whole situation. Well all along I guess Elmo knew he wa gay because he had his hand up his back side for so many years. Ok this is just a sad day in the world of Elmo lovers! HA!


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Posted by on November 12, 2012 in Elmo, Kevin Clash


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