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Ashanti Lands New Acting Job on Lifetimes Army Wives

Hunnie, Ashanti is out making moves in Tinsel Town. She said she can’t wait on Nelly to give her a dollar since his carer is not all of that. She landed her a role on “Army Wives” if you don know what that is, it comes on Lifetime and it is actually a good show. Lets hope she don’t ruin the series being you know “Ghetto”. If you have followed Ashanti’s career you will know that her first role was on “Sabrina the Teenaged Witch” in 2002. Then she followed that role in the movie “Coach Carter” in 2005. I dont even have to speak on her music career, some might say she didn’t have one, but I do beg to differ. She has definitely had a good career in music.

So Ashanti will play Latasha Durant on the lifetime series. Her character is described as an optimistic mother of three, a sexy, fun woman who knows how to keep a husband, also how to keep him in line. Lawd I already see she will be HOOD! But if she can’t keep that Nelly in line in real life how will this acting follow through. I see this already being a epic fail. I am trying not to talk bad about the women but dang I don’t know.                                            

Apparently lifetime will be giving “Army Wives” some new faces this season. They also hired Torrey Devitto, and Elle Mclemore as regulars. We will look forward to the new additions. The show starts filming Season 7 in mid december in Charleston, South Carolina. Also Kim Delaney will be leaving the series so maybe this will be Ashanti’s big chance!

Since Ashanti has appeared in a movie I guess that makes her a actress, so I guess she deserves to try to be on a sitcom. Truth be told that if you can handle a sitcom you can handle anything, because those sitcoms hours are grueling. Only time will tell, and Ashanti we will be watching.

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