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Kim is back to being a DIME PIECE after the TWINS

It’s been a little over one week since Kim Zolciak gave birth to her newborn twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren, but the proud mother of two already seems to have bounced back into shape. She shared a picture of her slimmed-down look on Twitter. Chile Kim said she don’t have time to be sitting around being fat. She said I have to get back to be able to work.

How slimmed-down is she, exactly? Her daughter Brielle revealed on Twitter that her mother is a size four:
Motherhood, meanwhile, also seems to be going well for Kim. “They are doing awesome,” she said last week. And how is she handling two newborns at once? “[It’s] a lot easier than I thought, so far,” she said. “But don’t speak too soon, right?”

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Kim Zolciak-Bearman confirms she is Preggo with TWINS

Chile now who has let the trash out the trailer park. She is coming up like the jefferson, instead of moving on up to the eastside, she is moving on up to be n the warefare line with all these children. Kroy is not making that much money that he can take care of your two plus four more? I mean really is that what you are thinking. Ha! She is found her a gravy train and she going to keep a eye on her. Kim tweeted earlier to watch ENEW’s because there was going to be a big Anouncement. Welp she is Pregnant with twins, I hope kroy doesn’t go away. Because this child would b really crazy.

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Mona Scott & Kim Zolciak New Show "Don’t BE Tardy"

Chile this just in, My stove cant even heat up this Peppermint Tea fast enough. That Mona Scott-Young, my Tea Top goes off to her. Did anyone know that she is the producer of the Spinoff for Kim Zolciak’s “Dont Be Tardy for The Wedding”. So now since this coming sunday is Kim’s last night on the big screen with all the Brown Girls of Atlanta. Kim scored another spinoff to pick up from her wedding special. Hunnie her prayers were answered, Because that Andy Cohen knew that was going to be the only way she leave the show. Chile truth be told if she hadn’t left the girls had banned together not to even tape with her since she thought that since she was married meant she didnt have to film with the girls anymore. Kim you need to go have several seats at the alter cause you need prayer. Girl the show is called The Real Housewives, that meant you would be a legit cast member and not just the other women.

Ok on the real deal, Hunnie that Mona Scott-Young and Bravo knows how to keep you tuned in. Its going to be called “Dont Be Tardy”. We know Kim will be searching for her second dream house and trying to mend her broken family fued with her mother and father, plus I heard that Kim and Kroy are trying to adopt. Chile I hope they are adopting the family slave (sweetie). So this will make show number four for Mona Scott-Young. I see Atlanta is good to you miss thing.

Well I guess we all can’t wait to see, Well…. NOT me I will probably pass on that. I think Nene and I will be sipping some Hot Chai Tea looking at the New Normal.

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