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Khloe is not a Kardashian

We already knew this! It has to suck being Khloe Kardashian right now. The reality television star is making headlines left and right lately and rarely is it for anything good. It looks like her entire life is falling apart and Khloe has no idea who to turn to or who she can even trust to be honest with her. First there is that well-publicized battle with infertility. Khloe has wanted a baby since the minute she married Lamar Odom and it just hasn’t been in the cards. After years of speculation, Khloe finally let the cameras role as she visited her infertility specialist and talked to her sister about the pain of not being blessed with a child yet.She also has let her inability to conceive take a heavy toll on her marriage. Lamar’scareer has been affected and lately he can’t even be bothered to stay at home with his wife. Instead he is out partying until the wee hours of the morning with random women.According to the latest issue of In Touch the worst is yet to come for Khloe. She has long feared that Robert Kardashian is not her real father and that instead she is a product of one of Kris Jenner’s many affairs. Multiple sources are now confirming that talk has long swirled about Khloe’s real dad and that even Kim Kardashianknows for a fact that Robert wasn’t Khloe’s biological father. Supposedly he told Kim many years ago when she had asked him outright if her sister knew the truth!Up until now Khloe has refused to take a paternity test, probably because she herself is afraid of the final results. The problem is that she is now wrestling with the underlying feeling that her whole life is a lie or at least it has been built on them. Can Khloe handle the truth? Would it absolutely crush her to know that she is actually the product of her mother’s deception? 
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Megan Goode’s New Show Premiers tonight

Megan Goode has a nice steamy drama premiering tonight on NBC at 10 pm eastern time. She has been out on the press circuit promoting the show alongside her cas tmate Laz Alonzo! To read more click on the link below.;postID=8610945718336624793

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Now I know a lot of people like to look at reality tv. But I had heard of this new series coming on NBC starring Megan Good, Laz Alonzo, Victor Garber. Hunnie I just looked at the pilot and I love this show already. Its giving me a twist of Scandal, Revenge, and a little bit of CSI and Law and Order! This show should be big. So make sure you tune in on January 7, at 10pm

Chile Megan Good said umm you know she can act and baby she is doing just that. Laz Alonzo plays her ex boyfriend/ Partner and they try to rekindle their relationship while doing a undercover job. Megan plays a detective that goes undercover to find out how her best friend was killed. There is a whole lot of scandal going on with this rich powerful family called the Bowers! Again if you love Revenge this will be the next best thing! Take a look at the Pilot, I promise you will love it!


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