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Kenya Moore, Finds her a man!

Gather around gather around, the word around the campfire that Kenya Moore has a man and ummm they say he has the money to make her really be a housewife. Through one of my sources that Kenya squarepants have caught her a man with some very long COINS if you know what I mean. So the Season 5 reunion is getting ready to air its second part and I know the ladies are getting ready to gear up to film season 6. Hunnie Ms Kenya said she will not go down to that hot atlanta with all those Fruits to find her a man, she said hell I am going to across the water and get her a man with some money and a little swagg. Watch out Apollo Kenya will not be paying you no attention next season, she will have her a new piece to entertain the masses with.

Ok its time for me to be a little messy for a second. Can someone please tell me why that Plastic Barbie will be coming back to season 6 and she don’t stay in Atlanta? Chile Andy I know there is a lot of messiness in Atlanta that you don’t have to import fool from other places to be on your franchise. Hell I would have loved to see Mariah Huq on the housewives since she was rumored to be on the show during past seasons, we could have used her foolishness on here. But back to Kenya let me just tell you who she have decided to make her new man. He is a singer by the name of Dbanj, this is his government name Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and harmonica player.. Now don’t ask me how to pronounce it because I am not the one to tell you how to spell stuff, Hell Sound it Out, LOL. Hunnie looks like Kenya has hit the jackpot with this rent a man! Well as you can see they make a beautiful couple but I don’t know if that contact wearing spongebob squarepants names Kenya Moore can handle his flirting self. Check out a perfrmance in Texas and just watch how Kenya is not comfortable with the way he dances and flirts with one of his fans.

Well I wonder if Kenya will just move to Atlanta, I know a couple of weeks ago she did put her California House up for sale. Maybe when she sells her house she will really but a home here in Atlanta and it will have furniture in it. HA! Well we will see if that’s going to be be her story line since all the girls such as Phaedra and Porsha refuses to film with that crazy bird. Well either way we know Ms Kenya will make us laugh and hate her all at the same time. Now Gag on this Peppermint
Tea, I am putting my calls in to Andy over at Bravo and I am going to see if we can get Marlo back in as a fill in to help make this thing a little more interesting. Also I heard through the Atlanta Gossip Line that Kim will be returning to the cast. Now this will turn all the tables around and it will give the franchise a new dynamics. Yes I will make sure Andy is on board for this one!

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