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Dance Kids ATL – Sneak Peak #1 AIRING JULY 24TH!!!

Lawd somebody please take the wheel and stop all the cameras in Atlanta to stop filming any reality shows. Last night I stumbled on this dance reality show about kids in atlanta at this famous dance studio, Dance 411 located in Atlanta. So at first I was like this might be a good show until I seen the actual coach that is made up like a brown goose egg. So how is she a coach, clearly she have not danced a day in her life judging her egg shaped body. I guess she wanted to be like Abbey Lee on Dance Moms, Chile I will Pass! But that was not the GAG, But the Tea is the ratchet mothers that are sooo over the top and did I mentioned that all of them need their hair combed. Ladies when you know the cameras are rolling, chile it will not hurt you to atleast comb your hair and get clothes that are flattering. Come on people these shows have been on for almost a decade so you know how you are going to look.
The show had its funny parts but you need to check the clip out and tune in on every wed on TLC to see all the foolery that I encountered on last night.

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