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News Update. Joe Giudice face Deportation

Things aren’t looking good right now for Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, who were served with a 39-count indictment on July 29 for various fraud-related charges like making false statements on loan applications and bank fraud. The couple was able to go free today following a hearing where they each posted $500k bond, but if Joe is convicted of certain crimes, he may be removed from the United States and sent back to his native Italy.

Despite being married to Teresa for 12 years, Joe never bothered to become an American citizen, something that may have been fine before, but could have terrible consequences for him now that he is facing various fraud and tax evasion charges.
Harlan York, a New Jersey-based immigration attorney tells Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively that while it’s “too early to predict what could happen down the line,” deportation is a definite possibility for Joe.
“Permanent residents can be subject to removal from the U.S. based on certain types of crimes,” he says.
Still, Joe isn’t quite ready to be sent back to Italy just yet. He and Teresa are scheduled to be arraigned on August 14, and a trial date is expected to be announced at that time. Removal from the U.S. only becomes an issue if Joe is convicted following the trial.
“All good criminal defense attorneys will make certain they consult with a qualified immigration on any and all outcomes from a criminal court. I’m sure that will be the case here,” Harlan told us.
Do you think it’s likely that Joe will be forced to move back to Italy? Tell us your thoughts below!


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