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Chad Johnson Sex Tape Leakes

Chile, I dont know what Ms Chad Johnson is up too. I guess since Evelyn Lozado will not have anything to do with him and he don’t have a football team to play with. I guess he decided to leak his on Sex tape. According to him this is a old tape about 3 or 4 years old. But honeychild you know how he does. Anything to get some attention, thats right up his alley. He is upset saying that the video was stoled from his phone. Ok for one why is your sex tape on your sex phone. If I had a sex tape CLEARLY it would not be on a cellphone. Somebody put it out and I am really curious to find out who did so.

Now this is the Gag and the Peppermint tea, Chad is working with the FBI to get the video removed from the Internet. Chile Flatlines, You mean to tell me you really want it off the internet? I don’t believe it nor you. Good luck with that Mr Johnson.Once that video hits the scene its hard to get it all removed. Ask that Kim Kardashian and she will let you know that is going to hunt you for the rest of your life! Think of it as a good thing, now the ladies will definitely be trying to get with you! Ha!

Courtsey of here is the screenshots of the video!

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