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Free Sabrina!!!! Not !

Chile well the Jailhouse Tea has been spilled and there is really no need for me to even waist my characters for this story. But I just feel like I need to make people aware of this breaking, but stale news. i know the other day “free sabrina” pics starting circulating the social networks. So if you slashed a girls face up so bad, why do you think u need to be free. Hell they need to put you under the jail with all the malicious things you have done in your life. This is where I say that Karma is a Black BITCH! Girl I hope you will be ok in your year in jail. I just have one question, I was told that she beat the girl up because she threaten your baby’s life. See this is the Tom Foolery I am talking about. Sabrina is too old to be acting the way she acts with these young children. So this is some pictures that I got from one of my sources off instagram.

See this is the foolishness I am talking about, calling people ugly and things. If you want the full story go to  +Michelle Brown

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Kim Kimble: LA Hair is back with Season 2

Welp, it looks like Kim Kimble is back with her show and her crazy salon staff. Hunnie if you think that last season was off the chain, just wait until June 6 its going to be a must see. From ehat I hav heard there is really going to be some more crazy things going on. Kim opens up her new salon and the drama starts to unfold . Here is a sneak peak of season 2

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Fashion Queens

Chile, I just knew those three episodes of Fashion Queens was going to be the last time I see all that flesh on the tv, But clearly I was wrong. this show really worries me in all kind of Fashions. I might can deal with them if they get somebody on the panel that really gives me some fashion information. Because as Loud as it is Said, all three might need to be thrown to the fashion police. Let me break down the fashion roadkill on tonight’s show. Miss Lawrence actually looked really nice tonight. I like when he don’t wear any hair pieces on his bald scalp, I mean hunnie you look a PICKLE. but overall you really looked like SOMETHING, I don’t know what but like I said you looked like something. Jesus take the wheel on this next look. Derek J, why lord just why? He looked like a Ketchup bottle had exploded on his jacket and he was wearing a pair of horse legs for the pants. i really need for him to really buy his clothes maybe a size bigger, so he won’t look so stuffed. Now for the biggest mess of them all Bevy Smith on the other hand, i am asking the Fashion Board to give her a ETERNAL SEAT. Now that blue costume necklace she had on was so not the move, then her back teeth looking like she had a pack of chewing gum in her mouth at all times. Ok, I know its not just me but why is it that some words she pronounces sounds like she is yelling at everybody. Chile I Can’t and I Won’t with her. then she had the nerve to call Derek her little nugget. First of all he is a big nugget just like you. I vote to keep Lawrence and find some better fashion queens. Please and Thank you.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Finale with Pressed Natural Hair Care Salon

Well Season 5 of the Brown Girls of Atlanta is coming to a end and they are ending it with a bang. Porsha comes to her favorite hair salon and Hairstylist, Celebrity Hairstylist Kyaira Brown in Atlanta to get their opinions of what costume she should wear to that Kenya Square pants party. Pressed Natural Haircare Salon is located at 644 Antone Street suite 5 Atlanta, Ga 30318. 404-883-3465  Celebrity Stylist Nikk Nelslon is the owner of this Prestigious salon. If you want healthy hair and THE Best Hair Extension service in Atlanta, Pressed Natural Hair Care Salon is the place to go.  Here is a clip from the season finale.

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