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Keyshia Cole’s Performance on Jimmy Kimmel

Well Keyshia Cole went on jimmy kimmel lastnight and from that performance she really needs to have a eternal seat, because her vocals are soo last decade and I need for her to get some voice lessons. I don’t have to say too much I just need for you to listen and you will see.
This is what she was saying yesterday about Beyonce’s Bow Down track

Keyshia’s Performance

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Keyshia Cole and her ShadeTree

That Keyshia Cole knows how to throw shade on a dreary day. And this time, she’s going at Beyonce directly. I don’t know why she is so ill over Beyonce, But she better quit before she have to move back to oakland to live with that foster mother and Franki.

Keyshia Cole is mad again y’all. She has something to say after Bey released her “Bow Down” track last night. And apparently, Keyshia is in her feelings about bey telling folks “Bow down bitches.”

Keyshia tweeted just a few minutes ago a few slams at Mrs. Knowles Carter saying:

First “Women need to Stick together” now bitches better Bow. Smh. But it’s all G! Chicks stay shooting the shit. But when I speak my mind its a prob. #Well #StayMad

Can’t stand when people all self righteous when it’s convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk shit when convenient 2 FOH….I done kept it real from the start! #RespectTHAT

And there’s more.

When a fan responded with “f*ck yo unity,” Keyshia responded with, “Never said there was any. IM not in denial… God Bless.” People’s responses are also interesting.

Is Keyshia is her own worst enemy….or should she be able to speak her mind–regardless of who it’s about–whenever she please with zero consequences?

I really think Keyshia need to get all the way out her feelings, because no one is thinking about her. Secondly there is no comparisons of the two. Hunnie Beyonce is not worried about nothing of what keyshia is saying at all.

Keyshia’s appearing on Jimmy Kimmel tonight to perform….which she informed everyone about after her controversial tweets. Why Keyshia don’t noone care but I will do a follow up with your performance.

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Beyonce AKA BADDIEBEY released new single


Well Chile Beyonce said she is tired of everyone saying how you going on tour and you don’t have any new music. Clearly you don’t know she is King Bey! She has released some new music on her tumblr page and its called “Bow Down/ I Been On. Now POW she said she is not playing with all of you MITCHES. Beyonce said never doubt her. Here is the Link hope you enjoy.

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