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Kenya Moore Threatens to sue Blogger

Chile now that Kenya Moore has went too far. She want to sue “The Doll” Funky Dineva for breaking the story about her renting that OLE Empty house that she swear he bought during the show. Ms Kendra, I meant Kenya Square Pants, Hunnie Chile all that is public records and it does not take much for someone to send a copy of a check. Clearly Ms Moore u have plenty of enemies.

So here is the HOT PEPPERMINT TEA for the week, First her pretend boyfriend Walter jackson lets everyone know that she is a fraud on a national radio show (The Frank & Wanda Morning Show), Then she tries to send a letter to Wendy Williams stating that Walter was lying and that we will see the truth play out on the show. Girl all your lies are just crumbling before your real hair! So Wendy Williams call her out and says she is a Liar and she does not believe anything she says! Now this, she is going through a emotional roller coaster and she is about to derail! (HA) This is what she sends to Blogger Funky Dineva,

“As a result of your client,  Quentin Latham,  posting a stolen check of mine online on his website located at :,  He has since redacted the full address from his initial posting online which we have as evidence, he and his accomplices have broken several laws punishable by jail time.
I have spoken to my attorneys and have filed a police report and will be speaking to the DA tomorrow to proceed with Criminal prosecution of Invasion of Privacy, bank fraud and a civil lawsuit. The first two 2 charges mandate jail time if found guilty.

As a result of this breach of my security and criminal theft by conversion, my bank accounts have been compromised and hacked.

My life and my personal security is not a joke and I will prosecute these relentless and ignorant common criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Kenya: I got yo Azz now. Walter: This silly Hoe! #ICANT with her!

Chile that Kenya is out for blood and she does not care who she takes down. This is really going to be a freaking PICKLE. Kenya I hope you are not still staying in that Hotel that you stayed in after you finished filming your lying portion of the show. Girl I wish the best and I pray you find a man that can take you and all your many personalities, Because you have a lot of them floating around. I cant with that girl, I hope she has a new movie or something that can help her get some money or something. My suggestion to her is to marry her a rich old white man. At least he might love her for the remainder of his life.

Here is the link to Funky Dineva Site. Check it out.

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