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Thicker than Water, Ben Tankard and his riches!

So this is the Tea Bags on this oh so holy Ben Tankard’s journey to fortune and extravagance certainly didn’t start with lots of money. Perhaps his best (and most well-known) quote so far is from his new docu-series Thicker Than Water’s premiere sneak peek video, “I’ve been poor, now I’m rich. Believe me, rich is better.” And just how rich are we talking?

Ben has a plethora of jobs, which go a little something like this: he’s president at Ben-Jamin’ Music & Film, an NBA D-league motivational speaker, a pastor, and a gospel musician and producer. His personal website divulges details about the Ben Tankard “brand,” which include, as quoted:

  • World’s best-selling gospel/jazz musician/producer of all time. (15 Gold/6 Platinum records)
  • 12 Stellar Awards, 7 Gospel Excellence Awards, 2 Vision Awards, 1 Blue Mic Award, 8 Dove Award Nominations, 3 Grammy Award Nominations, 1 Soul Train Award Nomination
  • Performs in over 100 concerts and personal appearances yearly

What do all of these jobs and accolades add up to? According to, Ben Tankard is worth a cool $5 million dollars. But with the plethora of cars and planes, the three-level mansion they unabashedly refer to as the “Tankard Palace,” and all those kids, could that really be all he’s worth? It certainly seems like they are spending a lot more than they are bringing in!

Credit: Courtesy of Bravo

Ben and Jewel Tankard in Front of Various Cars and Planes

So how much is the 49-year-old reality star making off of Bravo? This is a wild guess, but we’d estimate that Bravo is paying the Tankards on par with (or even less than) what the Real Housewives of Miami make — “[At] the high end, they make somewhere in the $55,000 to $75,000 range.”

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Ben has made his millions from various ventures, but none of his money comes from his ministries, which he and his wife Jewel have been running for almost 12 years. And though his money doesn’t (and hasn’t) come from his church, his church is very focused on money. Wealth (or at least the pursuit of wealth) is the foundation of his teachings and sermons.

He revealed his favorite part about being wealthy to TV Guide Magazine: “When you see someone that needs help, you can do more than pray for them, you can pay for them. That is why we love to be able to volunteer as pastors — we don’t take a salary.”

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Preview: Bravo Tv’s ‘Thicker Than Water’ Starring Ben Tankard

Chile now I have seen it all. Bravo said we are going to let the lord come in and bless the station. Now this family I just don’t know, the gospel world as we know it will talk about this along with the other show Preachers of LA. Ok, I first heard of this family from another reality show that didn’t get a lot of acclaim, The show was called Amateur Millionaires. Now the cameras followed several individuals  that were so called millionaires that were involved in the Network Marketing World. Hunnie let them tell it they are rich and god wanted them to be rich, But by the preview of the show called “Thicker Than Water” they are Ratchett in the worst way. He is the world’s best-selling Gospel Jazz musician, has won twelve Stellar Gospel Music Awards, and has multiple Grammy™ and Dove Award nominations from his Gold and Platinum albums.  With twenty years of Gospel Jazz, Ben Tankard is continuing to sculpt his musical legacy as one of music’s preeminent artist.

Tankard is also gearing up for the debut of his new reality television series Thicker Than Water: The Tankards, which will premiere on BRAVO TV this fall.  The show is produced by Sirens Media with Rebecca Toth Diefenbach, Valerie Haselton Drescher, Lucilla D’Agostino, Kris Lindquist and Michael Call as Executive Producers.  Tankard’s new docu-series follows him – former professional basketball player turned popular gospel singer/recording artist and minister, his blended family and their journey in expanding the family fortune.  From music-producing to NBA life coaching and motivational speaking, his business-oriented family strives to keep on top of their game, but finds their true passion lies in ministry. 

In companion to his new TV show, Tankard is putting the finishing touches on a new book The Full Tank Life (Ben-Jamin’ Publishers / Thomas Nelson Publishers) which will be released in early September in sync with the show.  Tankard’s book is an inspirational how-to guide for having a Full (Tank) Life in every area:  family, health, wealth, career and spiritual walk.

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