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Basketball Wives Season 5 :MIAMI Supertrailer

Chile now this is some kind of funny. I thought this season of Basketball Wives was going to be boring. Boy oh Boy was I wrong. That darn Susie has really been around Evelyn and Tami too long she thinks she can fight people. I guess she said she is not going to be running around from everyone this season. That Shaunie is a Messy Jessy if I say so myself. She will pull it this season. If I was Tami I would pop her too. Take a look at this supertrailer and let me know what you think?
I can’t wait til August 19th.

SUPER TRAILER for Basketball Wives Season 5

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Basketball Wives + Season 5 Tease

I hope everyone is ready for Basketball Wives Miami. Its coming August 19. Here is a little snippet of what we are going to see.

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BasketBall Wives Miami is Coming

Well the wait is almost over. The ladies of the original Basketball wives franchise is about to take over your TV screens again. The ladies have had a very long hiatus and they are ready to show us what they have been up too. Evelyn has showed us her vulnerable side as she let Iyanla Vanzant fix her broken life after her and her short lived marriage crumbled before our eyes, also she has made a move to LA to start her new life while she is closer with her daughter that moved from Miami to go to LA to go to college. All the rest of the ladies have really been quite Tammy is working on her anger management and being a real actress. Shaunie is being a mom I guess because she really does not have anything to do other than being in the middle of the mess of the ladies. Chile maybe that foolish Susie has learned her lesson about telling everyones business. The newcomer Tasha Marbury have been in the headlines because she claims she has a stalker and the stalker is staling her husband also. Girl sit down we don’t even know if we are going to like you yet. Well like i said the wait is over the new season starts on August 19 on VH1. Shaunie tweeted the actual date to one of her twitter followers that asked her when was it coming back.

Will you be watching on August 19?

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Basketball Wives Miami LOCKOUT! TRASH!

Hunnie the word around the campfire is that the Basketball Wives of Miami stars, Shaunie O’neal, Evelyn Lozado, Tammy Roman, Susie Ketcham are demanding more money. So VH1 is now worried about these old crows leaving the network if they don’t give them a raise. For some reason they think they need more money for living their life. Well if they knew what I knew they would take the money and film and call it a day, because THIS will be the last season of them.

So I thought Shaunie O’neal was the boss anyway with shed media, Clearly this Peppermint Tea is she is not the boss if she holding out for more money like she really playing basketball so she in a lockout, BISH please. What you and he rest of your crazy cast mates need to have SEVERAL seats.

Tammy Roman need to take this last season and move it to LA so she can be going on castings since she is a actress and since she has been in some movies lately. Chile she need to make this last season and that money they will give her count for something. Because its hard out here and we all know she dont want to go back to food stamps! Well that shouldn’t happen because she gets $8500 a month for child support, that should help her out between gigs with her acting career. Looks like Tami will make it after all!

Evelyn Lozado is upset because of the contract and the money. We all know that she is mad at VH1 because they didn’t air the Evelyn and Ocho Show. She will get over it because its her fault it didn’t happen anyway. I have heard through some of my sources that it wasn’t Ocho first time hitting here anyway, so she should have just manned up and took it and let that show aired. Evelyn already knows that VH1 is on that non violence kick and they are not hearing with you fake wives of the sports. So I hope she take all that money she have made and open up a DOLCE 2 somewhere else because we know she cant hold a 9-5. (lol)

Tammy and Evelyn promised Vh1 that they will not have a temper this season and Lawd we know that will constitute to BORING and the show will fail anyway, but who cares since it will be the last season. If they dont recieve a contract as early as next week they are suppose walk and leave taping. Keep in mind they just started back filming last week.

Chile these old crows need to get a job and just get over it. They have made enough money off the station.



Basketball Wives: Miami Season 5

Well Royce, Jennefer, Keisha is out!

So the Chai Tea for today is Royce Reed, Jennefer Williams, and Keisha Nichols are out! So you are probably thinking whats going to happen to the show. Well Ms. Shaunie Oneal has things up her sleeve with Shed Media and VH1.
So as I gather my sources together and I have just learned that the new season is underway. The ladies starting taping today. Apparently VH1 and Shed Media thought about it and decided not to get rid of Evelyn Lozado. She tweeted today stating that this was the first day, She and Shaunie was out to a Christian Event. She said 1 down and 3 months to go like she is scared to see what the outcome will be. well Evelyn all I have to say is that you better remember what Iyanla Vanzant have told you. Because hunnie you will not recieve a fifth chance.(chuckles) I knew Shaunie was not going to let the show go on without her bestie being apart of it. They probably low key sent Evelyn to see Iyanla Vanzant for counseling so she would be able to tape. It make a lot of sense like a drug rehab. Umph, things they do for ratings on a show!

So Evelyn and Shaunie out at a christian event together. Could this be the new angle of the show since they are changing the outline of the show? If so, this will definitely be the last season. Hunnie you know the people wants to see drama.

Here is the Peppermint Tea that is warming on the campfire. There is a new wife already added to the cast and they have been seen taping around the city! Her name is Tasha Marbury, wife of Stephon Marbury, Ex-NBA player. Since he is now playing for china, I guess he gave her permission to get a job and this is what she came up with. Originally she was suppose to be on the first season of the franchise but he advised her that it would be a bad idea. its funny how the tune changes when the money gets low. (Pickle)

Evelyn Lozado, and Tasha Marbury

Since Shed Media and VH1 let Jennefer Williams, Royce Reed, and Keisha Nichols go. They had to go ahead and start the replacement for these girls. Also we still trying to see if they let Kenya Bell go as well. They have not confirmed that yet. Well it looks like 1 down and 2 more to go.

I cant wait to see how this unfold with the new directions and the new additions to the cast. Stay tuned because I will keep you updated.



Royce Reed, Confirms no Basketball Wives season 5 for her!

Well hello Rocye Reed thanks for confirming that we will not see your little chest this season on Basketball Wives Miami Season 5. I am sure Shaunie and Evelyn will be glad you will not be there. So that makes 1 less personality they have to deal with. So Royce released a statement thanking Vh1 and Shed Media for giving her the opportunity and the platform from the show but she will not miss it.Are we going to miss this little fast tail girl with the spicy mouth? Probably not! Oh well Royce it was good knowing that you were fast and you kept a man in your pants! (Ha!) Holla Royce!


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